What can you not bring into new zealand

Can you bring a dog into New Zealand? What can I bring into NZ? If you bring more, you will have to pay a fee: Allowances and.

New Zealand has very strict biosecurity procedures at our international borders to prevent the introduction of harmful pests and diseases. All risk goods must be declared or be disposed of in marked amnesty bins at air and sea ports.

Some items are prohibited and cannot be imported into New Zealand , and some require approval to import. This is why New Zealand has especially stringent customs laws, which could affect you when you enter the country. Aside from the obvious, like illegal drugs and weapons , you may be surprised at what you’re not allowed to bring in. There are biosecurity and customs rules around what you can and can ’t bring into New Zealand. Bringing pets into New Zealand.

You can bring your cat or dog here, but they must meet specific health standards. These change depending on the country your pet is coming from.

You must declare all food that you are bringing into New Zealand. This doesn’t mean that you can’t bring food into New Zealan but you must declare it. However, there are a few food items that you absolutely cannot bring with you into the country.

Narrator: Fruits , vegetables , and eggs like this can’t be brought into New Zealand. Nor can most meats , honey , cooking ingredients , herbs , and seeds or spices. Anything made of plants or wood can carry unwanted pests or diseases that could destroy our natural environment.

Equipment, clothing, and wooden items 3. See full list on mpi. The tool will also tell you whether there are any weight or quantity restrictions. It applies only to private consignments (goods or items for personal use).

Remember, all risk items brought into New Zealand need to be declared on your Passenger Arrival Card or postal dec. Information in this tool is no guarantee your goods will be given clearance. Biosecurity New Zealand disclaims all responsibility for any error or other issues with this information.

We are not liable if you choose to rely on the information in the tool, which is only a guide about private consignments. We welcome your feedback about this tool. If you have questions or comments about it or about bringing items to New Zealand: 1.

When you ’re travelling overseas or importing items, you need to know that some items can ’t be brought back with you and for others you need to get permission. You won’t be able to bring prohibited items into New Zealand. You may be able be able to bring some restricted items into NZ, but only if you have a permit for them, or after they have gone through treatments like fumigation.

As an island nation, New Zealand relies heavily on its home-grown produce for both its domestic and export market. You may not be allowed to enter New Zealand if you cannot provide evidence that you meet the conditions of your visa. For example, the money you must have to live on in New Zealand can vary depending on the visa you have. Plant species that are new organisms need approval from us before they can be imported into New Zealand.

It is a very easy process but many hunters now choose to use the Outfitters guns because of travel plans after the hunt. Meats, Livestock and Poultry: The regulations governing meat and meat products are stringent. You may not import fresh, dried or canned meats or meat products from most foreign countries into the United States. Also, you may not import food products that have been prepared with meat.

Check the conditions of your visa.