What age can i access my super

What age can you get super? People aged or over can access super and work as well. This is a way you can access your super while you’re moving. Accessing your super when you reach age 65.

This allows you to access your benefit, which can be paid as either a super pension or a lump sum.

This age will continue to rise over the next few of years until it is uniformly for everyone. Preservation age : This is the age when you can access your super funds provided you have also met a condition of release (such as retiring or turning 65). To access your super , you need to have reached your preservation age and met a condition of release, one of which can be retiring from the workforce.

Your preservation age is between the ages of and 6 depending on your date of birth. Whether you want to access your super in the form of a lump sum withdrawal or as pension income payments, you can do so whenever you like after reaching the age of 65. Age Pension age: This is the age when you can. Other than in a few exceptional circumstances, you can ’t get hold of your super money until you reach retirement age or ‘preservation age ’, which is determined by your year of birth.

At years you can get access to your money whether you’re working or not.

Reaching a certain age is the most common way to access your super. It’s called your ‘preservation age’ and is determined by when you were born. You can usually start accessing your super when you either: Retire permanently from the workplace, having reached your ‘preservation age’ (see the table below) Or. Regardless of your preservation age , you must meet certain criteria before you can access your super , as outlined above.

However, if you’re age or over, these criteria simply mean you need to end an arrangement under which you’re gainfully employed. You can apply to take some or all of your super without retiring if you are at your preservation age plus weeks and: have received a Commonwealth income support payment for a cumulative period of weeks after reaching your preservation. Follow these steps before you decide to withdraw any super.

Check you are eligible to access your super early. Know all your financial assistance options. Australian or New Zealand citizen. It’s currently between and 6 depending on when you were born.

Once you’ve reached the ‘preservation age ’, you may then have access to superannuation funds, if certain conditions are met. Pension withdrawals when aged between and and Retired. Lump Sum withdrawals when aged. Two of these are related to debt: financial hardship and compassionate grounds.

You can receive your super as a super income stream, super lump sum or a combination of both.

High call volumes may result in long wait times. Before calling us, visit COVID-, Tax time essentials , or find to our Top call centre questions. The change in superannuation preservation age signifies when you are able to access your super savings. You can use your preservation ageto calculate how long it takes to get your superannuationback after contributing it to super.

You generally will only be able to access your super if you’ve reached your preservation age and retire ceased an employment arrangement after age 6 or turned 65. If you’re thinking about returning to work after retirement there are rules about super you may need to be aware of depending on your circumstances. Knowing how and when you can access your super is essential when planning for the future. Thinking about retirement?

Contact us to discuss your options today. Generally, you can access your super once you have reached your preservation age , which is between and 6 depending on your date of birth. Once you reach this age , you may decide to permanently retire or access your super as a transition to retirement pension.

Super is like a piggy bank.