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Do US plugs work in Australia?

Safety and efficiency supersede ST series voltage converter technology. If you are travelling to Australia from the US then you will need a power converter as the voltage in Australia is 2volts. Our transformers include a safety fuse and thermal cut-out protection to ensure the transformer cannot be overloaded. Yeah so the zapper input voltage is 120VAC 60Hz 30W. You need a voltage converter to change 2volts Australian mains to 1volts US mains.

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The power information plate on the appliance should indicate that the appliance can be operated at 50Hz (the AC frequency in Australia ). Transformers only modify voltage , they do not modify the frequency of AC electricity. The information provided here will help you in selecting the right transformer for your device. Some countries have more than one voltage available. Often different sockets are mandated for different voltage or current levels. Voltage , frequency, and plug type vary, but large regions may use common standards.

In Australia the standard voltage is 2V and the frequency is Hz. You can seriously damage your appliances. The difference between an Adapter and Transformer. So Adapters can only be used for US. Low Price Built to Last.

Rated up to 10A 250V. With rugged molded construction, these USA to Australia plug adapters are RoHS and REACH certified. Shop for US to Australia AU Travel Outlet Plug Adapter Converter at Best Buy. Run 120V AC Appliances from 240V AC Mains Power. Power Converter to run USA devices in Australia.

If you have plugged your USA device into the Australian Wall Socket before using a power converter then. Adapters do not convert current from 240V to 110V for US appliances.

Wide range of universal plug adapters and universal power strips. But countries like Russia, Israel, and Laos use higher voltages than the United States. Run USA appliances on Australian Mains Power. But Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia use 220v. Extra safety features to comply with Australian standards.

ZED SUTP-U series models. Power and thermal overload Protection and Cut off: 100W-AU Step Up Transformer Voltage Converter 120V-240V: $32. The universal output plug allows devices from almost any country to be used with this voltage transformer. Also Included: Euro Adapter Plug.

We offer a variety of highly reliable voltage transformers by trusted brands. Buy online at WallCann today. You do not need a voltage converter for the USa , you simply need a plug converter. I have been to the USA a couple of times and used australian appliances without issue, just attach your adaptor and away you go.

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