Vietnam evisa photo

It’s important that you’re able to provide the right Vietnam e-visa photo. Otherwise, your visa application will be delayed or rejected. Applying for the Vietnam eVisa is so easy.

Photo background must be white. What is Vietnam Visa? How to apply Vietnam eVisa?

The photo of your face specifications for Vietnam e-visa are based on the size, attire, color, and quality of the “passport-sized photo”. Therefore, the passport photo can hold different meanings for different countries. Just in case your online visa application does not get rejecte you need to follow the specifications provided below.

Recency: The visa photo should be taken no longer than months prior to applying for the Vietnam visa. Each applicant will need to submit photos. You can give the above instructions to a professional photographer , or reduce the size and weight of your own photo by using a photo editing program. A copy of passport page which contain personal data.

It doesn’t matter which you chose.

For a passport photo , however, the photo must be a 4x6cm. Head sizing is not specified. You can not wear any kind of glasses when taking these photos. Veins, hats and scarfs are strictly prohibite and any other accessories that cover your ears or foreheads. I just got my e-Visa for Vietnam grante so I guess my way of doing it was alright.

The e-Visa is valid for days, and single entry only. It requires three full working days to process. I have tried PDF Version and jpeg version, but the site will not allow me to progress? The applicants have to submit copies of these photos.

For minors, the rules are the same. You cannot have toys, pacifiers, or other objects in the picture. Application for E-visa Vietnam.

With these conditions satisfie the applicant then needs to fill out an online E – visa application form and submit a scanned copy of the biographical data page of their passport together with one passport photo taken within the past six months. You are required a photo to attach on the Vietnamese visa application form (NA1) when you arrive for pick up your visa. Make sure that you print physical copies of your photos, preferably on glossy photo paper, and present them to the immigration officers when you arrive to Vietnam.

We provide materials for Vietnam visa and immigration system including: Vietnam visa on arrival, e-visa , in principle approval letter for tourist and business visa and visa fast track service. Booking e-visa or visa on arrival to make your trip to Vietnam easier than ever!

Is anyone else having problems? And please note that once you applied for E – VISA , it will be non-refundable for any reasons, even the. You may take a photo OR scan the personal information page of your passport, as a standard requirement in your e – Visa application. The image must be of adequate quality, such that your passport information could be read clearly and legibly.

In total, it cost us over $2without even factoring in food and drink. Please keep in mind that the e – visa will be valid from the date of entry into the Socialist Republic of Vietnam provided in the application and the maximum duration of stay in the country is days. In addition, a photo and a copy or scan of the passport should be attached.

Everything seems to go well in stage but when it goes to stage instead of my photos it reverts back to the sample photos. Answer of 19: Hi Everyone, Im trying to apply for my evisa for Vietnam. Vietnam e-Visa is an official electronic travel authorization that allows citizens from eligible countries, including Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and many European nations, to enter Vietnam for tourism and a range of other purposes.

The e-visa is an alternative to a paper-based visa issued by the embassies of Vietnam. Instead of applying for a visa at the embassies of Vietnam , the Immigration Department of Vietnam has now launched an E-VISA program, which enables you to apply for a visa online. It is the equivalent to a visa, but no stamp or label is placed in the passport.

An e-Visa is an official document permitting entry into and travel within a certain country.