Vietnam e visa time

Is it possible to get an e-visa for Vietnam? Can I apply for e-visa Vietnam? What type of visa do I need to travel to Vietnam? The e-Visa is valid for days , and single entry only.

Vietnam e visa time

It requires three full working days to process. Visa has good price, easy application and fast process. It normally takes working days to get e-Visa from the date submitting documents online.

E-visa fee is paid via electronic payment gateway as prescribed by the Immigration Department. It took us days to get our visa. Find out here the exact procedure to follow to organise a carefree trip to Vietnam. There are a few things to be aware of during the process, but otherwise this is a really user-friendly system they have, in my opinion. It must have at least two blank pages.

Your passport must be valid for six months beyond your planned stay, and you must have at least one blank visa page. United States of America passport holder need visa to arrive Vietnam. Visitor who are NOT eligible for eVisa can apply with us to get visa upon arrival at international airport of Vietnam.

It is the equivalent to a visa , but no stamp or label is placed in the passport. It will usually take – business days for the e-visa to be processed. The e – Visa is valid for days with single entry only. But sometimes, this can take longer especially when it’s the peak season.

Vietnam e visa time

Since there are usually a large number of tourists visiting during this time, then the processing time could be longer. So it is important that you apply for your e-visa as early as possible. Details on the list of countries can be accessed here. To obtain a written approval letter, you must.

Passengers on cruises will need a visa in advance. Regarding e – visa , please note that e – visa is the pilot program and does not link to the Embassy. Vietnam cruise visa : A tourist visa is required.

Vietnam e visa time

E – visa will be issued by the immigration authority via digital transactions for foreigners wanting to enter Vietam. Otherwise you have the option to send the needed document to the visa company by post. Remember, the visa extension procedure time would vary from one visa to another. Answer of 2: Hello!

I’m a little bit worried as it says the processing time is days – but I’ve read that a few people had delays. Normally, the processing time is about working days. My Chinese visa expires midnight on Wednesday 21st. Get the visa approval letter within working hours for urgent service.

This way, you do not need an approval letter and stamp, thus simplifying the process. Travelers will need to scan your passport, submit photos, and pay an application fee to apply for this visa type. The e – visa is valid for a maximum of days, for a single entry only.

It takes a few minutes to complete the online form and you will get the result after working days. No longer will you have to apply through an agent to get the invitation letter or queue at the airport immigration to receive your visa upon arrival. For some family-based and employment preference visa categories, a visa became available within the month you have been scheduled by NVC.

DV applicants should be aware that visas are numerically limited and must be issued by September of the program year. Figuring out if you need an e – visa , a visa on arrival, and where to get it can be very confusing for tourists traveling to Vietnam. I got an e – visa for Vietn.

A foreigner (other than those applying for e -Conference Visa ) will be allowed to club activities permitted under these categories.