Vetassess skills assessment checklist

Vetassess skills assessment checklist

List of Required Documents. Pay the correct application fee at the time of submitting your application. Qualification evidence. VETASSESS (Vocational Education and Training Assessing Services) is a skill assessment authority in Australia. It has been at the forefront in assessing the skills , qualifications and employment history of every skilled professional in the country and abroad.

What are skills assessment? How to read an occupational assessment? If you are not in Australia at the time of lodging the application you may be exempt from paying GST for your application fees. Application fees are tax-inclusive. If you show an Australian address on your application form, you must provide evidence to support your claim for GST exemption.

Acceptable evidence includes: 1. A Declaration signed by a Registered Migration Agent. Declarations made by Registered Migration Agents must be on the Agent’s business letterhead and be signed by the Agent (not by their representative). Priority Processing:GST exemption evidence must be supplied at the time of submitting your application online.

See full list on seekvisa. One recent passport-sized colour photograph is required. As proof of your identity, we require your passport biopage showing your name, photo and date of birth. If you do not have a passport, you will need to provide your full Birth Certificate. If applicable, evidence of name change must be provided to address any naming inconsistencies in the documents submitted.

This is to support your identity. If you have not yet received your qualification award certificate, a provisional award certificate issued by the awarding body or an official statement of completion issued by the Registrar’s department of the awarding institution will be accepted. It is important that you provide us with the required employment evidence for each employment position listed in your formal skills assessment application.

Transcripts are the official records from the institution out. Statement of Service: View Statement of Service template. Having your skills assessed is a requirement for skilled migration to Australia under points teste employer sponsore graduate migrant and temporary graduate visas. For applicants who meet the skills assessment criteria, we will then determine the date that you were deemed skilled in your nominated occupation within a ten year period. Step 2Check your occupation description.

The company letterhead 2. Step 3Prepare for your application. Still unsure about the application criteria or documents? It will determine if you have the skills and knowledge required to work in your occupation in Australia. At VETASSESS , we assess trade occupations.

Skills Assessment for trade occupations. These 50-minute webinars are designed for prospective applicants and new migration agents wanting to learn about skills assessments for trade and professional occupations. And for reliable assistance and advice regarding migration to Australia, get in touch with Immigration Downunder today. VETASSESS is Australia’s leading vocational education and training assessment provider, it provides skills assessments for General Professional Occupations as well as Trade Occupations. VETASSESS reviews many popular occupations under General Occupations, e. Marketing Specialist, Property Manager, Conference and Event Organiser and Customer.

If you require Immigration advice for advice or lodging Subclass 1Child visa. VETASSESS will only tell you “whether you have provided a sufficient number and type of documentation in order to complete a formal skills assessment ”! Using the VETASSESS service, you will still need to prepare, collate, review and submit all the documents yourself. If all of this sounds daunting and high stakes, it is.

He says once Vetassess result comes positive, there is not much to worry about.