The maximum duration of a certificate of capacity for a worksafe injured worker is

What is work capacity certificate? How long is a first certificate of capacity valid for? It provides information about the date that the injured worker will have a capacity for pre-injury employment, suitable employment, or no capacity for employment.

It can be valid for a maximum of days off work unless there are special reasons provided on the certificate, such as where the worker has a severe injury or illness. The certificate of capacity is a form that is submitted by an injured worker who is seeking benefits under the WorkCover program. The main purpose of the form is to help your employer’s insurer understand the nature of your injury in order to determine your capacity for work as well as the type and amount of payments that you are entitled to. Maximum time limit for extended certificates. Each claim must be assessed on its merits.

Your WorkSafe agent will reimburse you for any weekly payments that you make to your worker after their first days. Remember to keep a copy for your own records. If it does exceed days, you will need to provide clinical reason why in the ‘comments’ section below the review date.

The work capacity certificate is used in the determination and management of the claim by insurers. Agent accepts those special reasons. Medical certificate of capacity – progress. Recommended for a maximum days duration. Note: maximum referral period for rehabilitation treatment prior to review is initially days, and then days subsequent referrals to the same discipline.

A progress certificate is recommended for a maximum days duration. It can certify a patient’s capacity for work for a maximum period of seven calendar days. For information about how the certificate of capacity , and medical certificates generally, are used and the role of medical practitioners in the rehabilitation and recovery of an injured or ill. To make a claim for compensation, an injured worker needs to obtain a workers compensation medical certificate from a medical practitioner. If a worker has moved interstate and is requested to obtain a certificate of capacity , a doctor in their new local area can become their nominated treating doctor and complete the certificate of capacity.

The first medical certificate is for a maximum of days and can only be issued by a registered medical practitioner. An ordinary medical certificate will not be accepted. Your employer has days from when it receives your claim to forward the claim to its authorised insurer (also known as claims agent).

A person who provides a false or misleading certificate of capacity could be liable to prosecution. Accident Compensation Conciliation Service. This information constitutes an Official Statement. The worker must complete Part I of the claim form, pages -and submit the claim form to the employer, along with a medical certificate of capacity from a doctor if the claim is for loss of income.

Where the claim form is for medical expenses only, the worker needs only to provide the account or receipt with the claim form. Certificate of Capacity form – PDF – 0. Australia who is approved by WorkSafe. Ongoing certificate of capacity.

It is the responsibility of the doctor to ensure the certificate. You can hand deliver these documents to your employer or post it. If you experience any difficulty giving your claim to your employer, or. If an IRE determines that a worker has a rating of less than percent, then the worker may be limited to benefits for no more than 5weeks.

If the rating is more than percent, the employee may be able to continue getting benefits for as long as he’s needed. Capacity (medical certificate ) if you are unable to work and want to claim weekly payments, and give the original copy to your employer along with this form. We are operating at reduced capacity due to COVID-Alert Level Two restrictions.

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