Swiss company register

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What is swiss commercial registry? Is switzerland included in commercial registry? UID business name or UID. EasyGov – Make changes to the commercial register.

According to the Swiss Code of Obligations, the Commercial Registry contains information about the business structure of a company , its shareholders, representatives and liabilities. The information registered must be published in the Official Gazette of Commerce, unless partial publication is allowed under certain laws. The Swiss Commercial Registry acts as an official information source, because it co.

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Companies that are obliged to register with the Swiss Commercial Registry are the following: 1. Investment companies with fixed or variable capital. The data base of the Commercial Register contains information about the name and registere. It is important to note that there are two ty. The basic information available publicly provides enough data so that you know if you are dealing with a reliable business partner or not.

The Commercial Registry (“Handelsregister” in German or “ Registre du Commerce” in French) provides most of the public information a foreign entity would have to know when doing business with a Swiss company. In act, it’s recommended to verify any Swiss business partner if they are registered with the Commercial Registry. If you want to assess financial performance and creditworthiness we provide information you need : in-depth analysis or financial annual accounts.

This is not a comprehensive list of all company registries located around the world. The links are grouped by region. Companies House neither warrants nor accepts any liability for the content on the websites linked to below. Many of the websites provide content in English and the language where the registry is based.

Colombian Chamber of Commerce 3. Switzerland is a federal republic in Europe. British Virgin Islands 5. The following are links to registries for: 1. Israeli Company Registrar 4. Incorporation is the responsibility of State governments and detailed requirements vary according to State law.

A legal entity is usually known as a corporation and it’s usual for it to have limited liability for its shareholders. A corporation doing business in another State will need to register there as a ‘foreign’ corporation. Many States now also have limited liability companies (LLC). The precise definition will vary according to State law but, in general, a limited liability company has a minimal corporate structure, without centralised management. This enables it to have limited liability for its members (who are not shareholders) while being treated as a partnership rather than as a corporation for taxation purposes.

Corporations whose shares are to be traded publicly will also need to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)in Washington which maintains an online register. The amount of information available about United States corporations varies accordi. Swiss companies are registered in a particular canton, each canton maintains a Commercial Register which maintains the entries of the shareholders, director, capital structure and registered office.

If you incorporate your company in one of the cantons eg. Zurich you also need your registered office in the canton of Zurich. First the start-up capital that depends on the chosen type of company must be deposited in a bank account. After verification, the Canton trade register issues an invoice to be paid for the publishing of a firm in a registry.

It takes about 7-days (for an extra charge it is possible to speed up the procedure). After the payment, it will take several days and your company will appear in the register of companies. Its purpose is the entry and publication of relevant legal facts and it seeks to ensure legal certainty and the protection of third parties.

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