Step down transformer usa to australia

Fast Reliable Delivery. V to 120V American Voltage. Includes Yr Warranty – All Diamond Series Voltage Transformers on Sale Now! ZED STXP U series step down transformers are built specifically to optimise performance for US and Canadian appliances.

Safety and efficiency supersede ST series voltage converter technology.

Simply plug your transformer into the Aussie power wall socket, and then connect your American device into the USA power outlet on the unit. Run USA appliances on Australian Mains Power. Our transformers include a safety fuse and thermal cut-out protection to ensure the transformer cannot be overloaded. ZED Voltage Converters are supplied to both domestic and commercial applications including US Government Consulate General and Embassy in Australia and Fiji.

ZED are a highly reliable and economical solution for Step Down Voltage Conversions. The Inverter Shop are the power inverter and step down transformer specialists, selling great value, high quality power inverters, all at a great price! All inverters are quiet, well built, reliable and specifically designed to survive the tough Aussie climate.

They are also all backed by a rock solid replacement warranty and our dedicated customer support team so you can buy an inverter with.

Select from our Step downs transformers based on how many watts your device uses. Choose the transformer rated above your devices watts usage. Playstation uses 3Watts so you need the 5watt rated stepdown transformer. Our Tortech Economy transformers include a fuse and thermal cut-out protection to ensure the transformer cannot be overloaded.

ZED is a highly reliable and economical solution for most domestic and commercial applications. Step down voltage converters will let you to use any non-2volt appliance with a 2volt power outlet in Australia. We Offer Maintenance, Repair, Refurbishing and Sales of New and Refurbished Transformers. Our State of the Art Testing Equipment Ensures Your Transformer to Perform at Its Best. Be the first to write a review.

Davoren Park, SA, Australia. Allows Ungrounded 2-Prong USA Devices to be used in Australia. This Transformer is designed as a step – down isolating Transformer to enable use of USA appliances in New Zealand or Australia.

Simply plug the Transformer into the power outlet and plug the US (or pin) device into the USA outlet socket on the front panel. This transformer will allow your American device to run on Australian Power. It changes 2volts down to 1volts.

It converts AC240V into AC110V effortlessly so that your American-made appliance can work in Australia.

It is so simple to use. Just plug the transformer into your wall socket and the USA appliance into the power outlet of the transformer and let the latter do its handy conversion. Voltage (2Volts): International AC outlet adapters do not convert electric current.

Step down transformer Voltage converter convert 220v or 2volt to 1Volt. These voltage transformers enable the use of 1volt USA electrical products in foreign countries where the voltage ranges from 2Volt-2Volt. A step down converter reduces the incoming 2Volt electricity found in most parts of the world to 1Volts USA power. You must leave enough margin for power spikes and surges. The guide provides helpful information to make the right choice of a Step Up or Down transformer.

A 50hz transformer is heavier then a 60hz transformer of the same VA rating. That is why military aircraft used 400hz in WWII, to weigh less. A 60hz transformer will run hotter on 50hz.

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