Sri lanka eta visa print

Local time in Sri Lanka ). Any inconvenience caused in this regard is highly regretted. ETA is an official authorization for a Short Visit to Sri Lanka (For more info) and is issued electronically. The ETA is introduced with the intention of providing an efficient, reliable and simplified service to those who visit Sri Lanka.

Sri lanka eta visa print

ETA holders will be issued a day Short Visit visa at the port of entry in Sri Lanka. This ETA allows you entry in to Sri Lanka for the purpose mentioned in your application. Please produce your passport together with return air ticket and proof of sufficient funds to the Immigration officer at the port of entry in Sri Lanka. You may be granted days visa on arrival.

Can I visit Sri Lanka? How long is Sri Lankan ETA visa valid for? What is ETA in Sri Lanka? Apply online Fill in Application Form(s) online. Travellers who expect to visit Sri Lankan territory are required to have a legitimate visa issued by Official Authorities of Sri Lanka.

Visa can be applied online through an entirely electronic procedure. Upon submission of the application, an acknowledgement with a reference number will be sent to the respective Overseas Mission and to the main applicant as requested in the application. On the basis of reciprocity, citizens of The Republic of Singapore, The Republic of Maldives and The Republic of Seychelles are exempt from the requirement of obtaining ETA to visit Sri Lanka.

However due to the Covid outbreak, please proceed to apply ETA , if your travel is essential only. The eTA has a validity of 1days after issued and it has a Double Entry for a maximum stay of days in Total. This is a commercial website to apply eVisa to Sri Lanka through Government system, you will be charged a fee.

To book a visa under our process, we will charge a service fee for consultancy, submitting and prepare applications and informing the status and. A Sri Lanka Approval Note ( ETA ) is an online Visa permit to enter Sri Lanka for non Sri Lankan nationalities and valid to stay as per visa policy. While applying for an eTA for Sri Lanka you must be out of this country and have a passport valid for minimum months from the date of application. So while applying your Sri Lankan eTA you must give the number of the passport you are traveling on as your eVisa will be linked to it. Transit visa is valid for very short period and allows a traveller to pass through Sri Lankan international airports without entring country teritory.

It eases the travellers of any country to get Sri Lanka visa online. There is no need to visit Sri Lankan embassy or consulate for it. I have just had the same problem.

Sri lanka eta visa print

I clicked on the print button but it only prints the page you are viewing NOT the Approval. Persons plans entry to Sri Lanka which should hold a valid ( ETA ) Approval Note issued by Sri Lanka Immigration. Printing the Sri Lanka ETA Approval Email.

Print -out an extra copy and keep it safe with your travel documents. Print ETA and carry at the time of travel. Disclaimer:srilanka-evisa. Private Company and is not affiliated to the Sri Lanka Government or any Government body.

We act as agents for your eta application and abide by the Data Protection Act. All data you provide will be solely used for your application. Getting Sri Lanka visa on Pakistani passport is very easy, the process is done online and the ETA Visa is issued online. The visa fees for adults is 20$ only, and children under years get free visa.

The process is very simple, simply visit the Sri Lanka ETA website, click on Apply button and start the visa process online. Is the ETA required in order to board a plane to Sri Lanka ? A valid ETA is not required to board your plane to Sri Lanka. To apply for a visa to Sri Lanka you must have all your details and fill in an online Sri Lanka eta visa form. Enter all your details and the ones traveling with you might apply separately.

Sri lanka eta visa print

To fill this form you’ll also require a master car visa credit or debit, United Kingdom maestro or an American express card.