Sports rights holders

For any rights holder, it is of vital importance to evaluate the current sponsorship market and to better understand the uniqueness of their property in order to articulate the commercial benefits to perspective sponsors. Through sponsor targeting research and commercial insight analysis we can support our clients in demonstrating their competitive advantage and understanding of new sponsorship opportunities in the marketplace. See full list on nielsensports. We hold a broad data-pool of potential, relevant companies including key figures. We manage a comprehensive global screening service.

The key consideration is to understand the value, impact and opportunity of digital channels for rights holders in sport.

This allows rights holders to better utilise digital to connect, engage and influence sports fans and for rights holders to listen to, engage, grow and ultimately monetise their fans. For all rights holders , the first step towards driving more commercial revenue is to realise all available assets with your organisation. This includes both tangible and intangible assets that may not have previously been considered. Secondly a full market valuation is carried out on these assets to ensure realistic expectations are set and all inventory has a realistic value attributed to it.

Rights Holder Consulting. We are proud to work with the world’s most exciting events and with the most forward-thinking federations and rights holders. We help them become more commercially successful, maximising the value of their rights , creating new assets and revenue streams and finding efficiencies in their operations.

By focussing on personalization and a data-driven approach using OTT streaming, sports rights holders can push back against the falling ratings for sport and bring sport on TV truly into the 21st Century.

And any linear channel, however niche, has certain expectations about the number of eyeballs they need to attract. The relationships between Arsenal FC and Borussia Dortmund as rights holders and Puma as a sponsor are another great example. The sponsor very like drove these relationships.

Puma has a brand association that it plays third fiddle behind the big players – Nike and Adidas. In the United States, sports are televised on various broadcast networks, national and specialty sports cable channels, and regional sports networks. Meet the game changers and get the inside scoop on what to watch. In the United Kingdom, sporting events are broadcast on several national television networks, as well as radio. Certain sporting events are protected by the Ofcom Code on Sports and Other Listed and Designated Events and must be broadcast live and free-to-air on terrestrial television in the UK.

A rights holder is an organisation or individual that owns the legal rights to something. In the context of sport the most common rights holders are sports federations, leagues, event organisers, clubs or athletes. The number of potential buyers for a sports event (or series of events, such as UK Premier League Soccer) can exceed 2worldwide, and the fees they receive from rights holders , unlike ratings, are only heading in one direction. But for some rights holders , especially those with a more niche and globally distributed fan base, going OTT might.

Here’s an example of an excellent compromise in this siutation. Passion and Excitement. CBS Sports tallied $655. OUTFRONT Media Sports Inc. Such understanding is developing rapidly, as is the technology to make.

While BeIN has been particularly hit by the massively-resourced BeoutQ, Al-Obaidly issued a warning to sports rights holders that they faced a radical downward shift in the value of their properties as a result of the industry’s failure to take piracy seriously.

I’m here to tell you how the endless growth of sports rights is over. Why sports rights holders are losing the sponsorship game. Failure to respond to digital media consumption is costing rights holders almost of their potential revenue, according to sports marketing agency Two Circles. The value increase of the NBA’s extension with Tencent has seen revenues increase approximately 1, showing rights holders just how lucrative this international venture for the NBA has been.

Over the course of the previous five-year partnership, which generated $7million for the NBA, viewership of NBA content on Tencent grew three-fold. The benefits of OTT to sports rights holders. This has, of course, made TV rights big business. Media companies, telcos and even tech giants are all fighting for their piece of the action. For most sports organizations, the sale of broadcasting and media rights is now the biggest source of revenue, generating the funds needed to finance major sporting events, refurbish stadiums, and contribute to the development of sport at grassroots level.

Sponsors and rights holders agree that digital and social media content is a way to help capture some lost value, regardless of whether sports and events return to action. Sports rights holders increasingly acknowledge that exclusively partnering with one pay-TV operator, and thereby leaving lar ge parts of the subscription market un-serve is inefficient and could.