Social security act 1991 australia

In force – Superseded Version. An Act to provide for the payment of certain pensions , benefits and allowances , and for related purposes. Application of the Criminal Code 3AA.

Norfolk Island PART 1. Power of Secretary to make determinations etc.

A—Private financial provision for certain people with disabilities Division 1—Special disability trusts. L What is a special disability trust? For people who are in hardship but cannot get any other form of income support, Special Benefit provides a safety net. A NARWP applies to Special Benefit, but this can be waived if the claimant has suffered a substantial change in circumstances beyond his or. See full list on dss.

The protected groups include Special Category Visa holders wh. Exceptions to this principle are limited to Special Benefit (the payment of last resort) and some family payments.

Under social security law, the Minister for Families and Social Services has authority to make determinations to allow the holders of particular temporary visas to meet the residence requirements for Special Benefit. Currently, determinations are in force for a number of temporary visas providing access to only Special Benefit. In addition, some temporary visas, such as the Special. Asylum seekers who are assessed as genuine refugees and who are granted permanent visas on this basis are exempt from the qualifying residence requirements for income support payments. The provisions restricting migrants’ access to payments are not identical across payment types.

A four-year waiting period applies to most working age payments. A two-year waiting period applies to Parental Leave Pay, Dad and Partner Pay and Carer Payment. A one-year waiting period applies to Carer Allowance and Family Tax Benefit Part A. Refugees and holders of certain temporary humanitarian visas are exempt from the NARWP. There is no waiting period f. Their immediate family members (partners and dependent children) are also exempt.

This policy recognises the fact that the sponsored family members of refugees have often been in refugee-like situations themselves, and will face the same sorts of settlement barriers. Holders and former holders of visa subclass 8are also exempt from NARWP for all payments. Low Income Health Care Card.

Special Benefit is a safety net payment of last resort for people who are ineligible for any other payments. For ease of reference the following abbreviations are used in the Guide: 1.

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TheAnswerHub is a top destination for finding online. Note: Divisions 12A and of Part 2. It includes a demerit-point system for not meeting welfare obligations. Correspondence of provisions 246.

Saving of social security payments and concession cards 247. Saving of claims for social security payments and concession cards 249. Transitional instalment period 250.

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