Safe work method statement template

Safe work method statement template

It documents the work to be carried out at a workplace, hazards associated with these activities, and the control measures to put in place to mitigate the risks. Your safe work method statement (SWMS) template. The above safe work method statement example is a good and re-usable framework for other construction activities, and that can be seen from the second example SWMS below. The major difference between the two SWMS is that this example safe work method statement only includes one risk score, which is determined after the control measures have. Customise the SWMS template to suit your driving and transport requirements and operations with an easy drag-and-drop SWMS builder.

Access, read and sign off on the safe work method statement from any of your device: mobile, tablet or computer. So how do you obtain a high quality SWMS Template that is specific to your business and work activity? There are specific activities defined as high risk construction work (HRCW).

This document advises employers and self-employed people how to prepare a safe work method statement (SWMS) for these activities to ensure workers’ safety on construction sites. A safe work method statement for carpentry outlines the high risk activities involved with carpentry, the hazards which arise from these risks, and then puts controls in place to eliminate or minimise the hazards as much as possible. This safe work method statement for carpentry template is free to use and editable for your company. Safe work method statements are important for all safety in construction.

Safe work method statement template

Safe Work Method Statement for Mobile Plant template Reduce mobile plant incidents and ensure everyone working on and around mobile plant is doing it safely. A full list of resources can be found over here. It is a way to identify risks associated with a worksite and how best to manage them. SWMS must include the names of the people at the workplace, arrangements for the management of any incidents should they arise, health. PCBUs, including self-employed persons, must prepare a safe work method statement (SWMS) before commencing high risk construction work (HRCW).

Terms used in the development of a SWMS include: hazard – something in, or that may be in, the work environment that has the potential to cause harm (injury, illness, or death) to a person. As it is time for you to improve your health and safety process. Working at heights safe work method statement (SWMS) template. Here is a method statement template free download.

Safe work method statement template

Usually these types of statements have a lot of detail in them and take a considerable amount of effort to create. Using a template will save you significant time and effort. The method statement should outline the hazards involved and include a step by step guide on how to do the job safely. Usually it is just like a manual which is a list of procedures for safe working. Plant and equipment utilised (tick or add as applicable) – Attach evidence to this SWMS Item (including all mechanical and electrical items) List inspections and maintenance requirements and attach evidence to this SWMS Note: All servicing MUST be in accordance with manufacturers recommendations.

It describes the steps ( method ) that workers must take to carry out a particular job safely. This means putting together a list of all of the tasks you expect to be completing and the people responsible from your company who will be completing those tasks. A method statement is usually prepared as a part of a workplace safety plan. We developed compliant safe work method statement templates for numerous high risk construction work activities and trades ready to be customised for any business and any construction work site as well as other work sites. A great risk assessment and method statement starts with a good template.

But a good template is only the beginning! So download the construction Word templates below, but remember how you fill it out is important not only to get you on site, but to keep you and everyone else safe. A SWMS is a written document that must identify the high risk construction work activities to be carried out at a workplace, the hazards and risks to health and safety arising from these activities, the measures to be implemented to control the risks and how the control measures are to be implemente monitored and reviewed. Download Here: Worksafe Victoria Guide to Work Method Statements including legal requirements, samples of completed statements and a blank proforma. In military speak, safe work method statements (SWMS) combined with risk assessments can be like enfilade fire from a defilade position.

Pretty awesome if you can achieve them. SWMS are used to instruct safety procedures for known work place hazards and risks in construction. So, this template is correct and will help with your safety in the work place, as it comes from the horses mouth. Now that you have a safe work method statement template free to download you are going to have to fill it out. The purpose of a SWMS is a set of work safety instructions that construction workers use for their personal safety at work.

SAFE WORK METHOD STATEMENTS FOR HIGH RISK CONSTRUCTION WORK INFORMATION SHEET APPENDIX A – HIGH RISK CONSTRUCTION WORK SAFE WORK METHOD STATEMENT TEMPLATE NOTE: Work must be performed in accordance with this SWMS. This SWMS must be kept and be available for inspection until the high risk construction work to which this SWMS relates is completed.