Russian visa application form guide

How do I get a visa from Russia? What are the requirements for Russia visa? Click here to download as a PDF. Finally, once you have your. See full list on russiau.

When applying for a tourist visa, you must provide the following information: 1. Passport (must be the original). In some countries you must provide a copy of the passport’s front page. Travel insurance (mandatory in European countries) 4. Migration risk countries (African, Asian, and some Central and South American countries) must provide hotel room booking and payment confirmation and tickets to and out of Russia (airline, train or bus tickets).

Also, in some migration risk countries, they must provide the original of the invitation. Next I’ll explain the step-by-step process of obtaining a tourist visa that I always fol.

Once you already have a visa you should bear in mind that there are two additional stepsthat must be done once you get to Russia: the immigration card and visa registration. The first thing is usually completed by the customs officer and the second the hotel where you will stay. It is important to always carry both the passport and the immigration card while traveling, and the accreditation of the registry in case it may be required from you on the street by the police (it is rare for them to do so, though). The application form for a Russia visa for US citizens is available at kdmid. Reply to every question asked in this form.

Collect the Russia visa required documents for US citizens. There can be no errors or manual corrections once printed. Any errors may result in rejection. The online visa application is broken up into several different pages, each with a few questions.

To fill this out, you’ll also need to know your travel dates, number of entries (single, double or multiple) and have your passport on hand. An English version of the form is available here. DOWNLOAD RUSSIAN VISA BOOKLET (click here) Our fees starts at $19 including visa support (tourist voucher), consular fee, courier service, and our service fee.

PREPARE BASIC DOCUMENTS. START THE ONLINE VISA APPLICATION. Single entry, double entry and multiple-entry visa are available for business visa. The registration form consists of two parts.

PRIMARY REQUIREMENTS IN APPLYING FOR RUSSIAN TOURIST VISA. A basic set of documents required for visa application consists of: 1. Fill it in online and have it printed out. Make sure you read ALL the details on the home screen before proceeding with the application. Visa Application Form.

To activate your visa application form , the Consulate scans the bar-code on your printed paper visa application form when you submit it with other documents. You must provide two most recent 2xpassport type color photo. Your photo taken within the last months. For individual travelers : Invitation, or confirmation, plus voucher of hotel arrangements from. Letter of Invitation:.

It has to be filled in online on this website. Please follow the correct instructions given at step of the Russian National Tourist Office’s online application form to ensure your application is successful. For multiple entry requests two original signed applications, plus one copy, are required. All applicants for Russian visas now have to fill out their application on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here.

Request a single-entry visa , which is valid for days for $9 plus a sizable processing fee (explained below). Note that your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the date of your departure from Russia, and must have two adjacent blank pages to accommodate the visa. Please make sure that the signature of your application for is identical to the one in your passport. Russian Embassy representative’s comment on a new Russian visa application form for British nationals.

Question: Why does the new expanded Russian visa application form have to be introduced for British nationals?