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Apart from a few countries, legal aid for refugees is sparse, but is crucial to the realisation of refugees ’ rights, especially the critical first step: recognition of refugee status. Few law schools offer courses in refugee law. Lawyers representing refugees tend to work in isolation. This limits access to information and resources- for both.

Immigration Lawyer Search: American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) In select detention facilities across the United States, Legal Orientation Programs (LOP) provide information about immigration court procedures and other basic legal information.

See full list on refugeelegalaidinformation. A repository of policy and guidance documents that is updated whenever a new protection policy or guidance document is published and can thus be relied upon to represent the current state of UNHCR protection policy and guidance. Subjects include legal topics (for example, UNHCR guidance on the different elements of the refugee definition) and operational protection gu. One of the best advisors on immigration and asylum law is Free Movement.

Please note that membership is required to access the content, but non members can access blog pages per month before being blocked from seeing the content. The provision of medical evidence in Refugee Status Determination (RSD) procedures is fraught with challenges. A method for conducting RSD adjudication is with psychosocial support.

Information and materials on the importance of psychosocial support before, during and after refugee status determination is provided in the link above.

Understanding and application of psychological science in the asylum process is important to ensure that adjudication is fair, lessening the risk of denying protection to refugees. In the link above, we present a brief introduction to the psychological research that can be drawn on in representing people seeking international protection and adjudication of claims. You will also find links to further resources. States and their institutions can often fail to provide adequate help for refugees and asylum seekers.

Please see below to find information on each region:. Court of Justice of the European Union (Only national courts can access this court). Therefore, effective legal aid and protection services in the host country where refugees first flee to are even more important. HIAS also engages in wide-ranging coordination and capacity-building activities to advance refugee protection at the policy level both in the United States and in countries where we have legal protection programming.

I was also shortlisted that same year for Human Rights Lawyer of the Year by the Law Society. LAO’s refugee panel standards. All lawyers who represent legal aid clients must belong to the panel (s) for the type (s) of law they practice. Panel standards help ensure that legal aid clients receive high‑quality services.

If you are eligible for legal aid but do not have a lawyer , you can choose to have either a private bar or LAO staff lawyer represent you. If you are a refugee claimant and would like further information on how LAO may be. While not everyone can afford a lawyer , every Albertan deserves access to a fair legal system.

As a publicly funde non-profit organization, we provide affordable legal services in family law , domestic violence, child welfare, immigration, and youth and adult criminal defense. Refugee Legal : We are still open and we are running all of our services.

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A pro bono lawyer is a lawyer who gives free services. Many lawyers will donate their time to help refugees or people who do not have enough money to pay for a lawyer or immigrant services. This free legal help is called pro bono services. Read this information to protect yourself from people who are not real lawyers ! RefWorld is the leading source of information necessary for taking quality decisions on refugee status. Refworld contains a vast collection of reports relating to situations in countries of origin, policy documents and positions, and documents relating to international and national legal frameworks.

LAO LAW publishes weekly editions of The Bottom Line newsletters reporting on recent case law in family, criminal and refugee law as well as legislative changes that are significant to legal aid lawyers. Its main working areas are legal aid to asylum application, family reunification of beneficiaries of international protection, and aid to asylum seekers in detention. Legal Aid Ontario offers assistance with refugee and immigration matters. Our volunteer program offers real opportunities to make a direct and practical contribution. Together with our team, your help can change the lives and futures of people seeking asylum or family reunion.

The Refugee Service is a state-wide specialist service of Legal Aid NSW. We help newly arrived refugees learn about their rights and responsibilities under the law, and access legal services to prevent their legal problems from escalating. We assist newly arrived refugees being settled in NSW. The database is updated regularly and all contact details and law type information shown here are correct to the best of our knowledge. Connect 1-on-with Certified Legal Professionals, Online and On-Demand.

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