Quirky in a sentence

What is the meaning of quirky? Quirky sentence examples. I like his quirky sense of humour. He was tall and had a quirky, off-beat sense of humour.

She snagged a piano and pounded out barrelhouse runs in quirky time as I carried the main thread of the movement on a cello.

It was true that Merthin did not have the dashing good looks of his brother , Ralph , but Caris thought his face was quite marvellous: irregular and quirky and wise and full of laughter , just as he was. Dressed in quirky sunglasses and a colorful dress , the eccentric performer captured the attention of everyone in the room. Because of her quirky personality, the peculiar girl stood out amongst her normal siblings. Myssi is well known in Finland for her quirky food column, which is syndicated across the country. Something or someone that is quirky is rather odd or unpredictable in their appearance, character, or behaviour.

Use quirky in a sentence Nancy enjoys knitting quirky outfits for her dog Sassy to wear on their outings to the park. Definition of quirky.

SoHo store known for its modern, often quirky home accessories …. But of course, Steve has a pretty quirky patina himself. In his quirky way, Chelsom has funny bones for sure. Director Leslie Megahey based this quirky tale on a true incident. Business cards are quirky little beasts with nothing standard about them. The quirky offensive.

Be your quirkyself, but resist being rebellious. Sterns personifies the quirkyabsurdism of her writing. Not like that quirkyturkey over there.

Janice has this irritating quirk of rolling her eyes whenever she speaks. According to Ken, his habit of constantly wringing his hands is just an uncontrollable quirk. Wearing only pink socks is Greg’s oddest quirk. Boxed information isn’t exactly edgy or quirky , but it can change up the pace of the article or chapter.

Also, be aware of your writing weaknesses and mistakes. I over-use exclamation marks and run-on sentences. So when I edit, I’m on the lookout for ways to divide complicated sentences into short, snappy sentences.

Somebody who think they are cool and eDgY (typically Americans) but they hide there accent because it makes then dIfferEnT. In this example, ‘raced past the barn’ is a reduced relative clause, meaning it lacks a relative pronoun – a who, which, or that. Having or characterized by peculiar or unexpected traits or aspects. He drew inspiration from unexpected things like dried leaves or quirky antique books. More example sentences.

A world optimally adapted to current environments is a world without history, and a world without history might have been created as we find it. Information and translations of quirky in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Examples of quirky in a Sentence. Edgy and quirky are often terms used to describe a style that pushes boundaries and draws readers in , the way someone with a distinct voice or eccentric way of viewing the world compels us to watch or listen to them.

Let us take the time to explore our inner-selves and get acquainted with our real identity and recognize the quirky corners of our being. Thus, we can view others from another angle and come to see them in a new light that allows us to distinguish past possible misunderstandings. Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions. When Soundgarden forme we were post-punk – pretty quirky.

Pretty Were Soundgarden Formed. To give off a more quirky vibe, you may need to change the way you think, dress, and act.