Qantas passport validity

Visit the IATA Travel Centre to check the passport validity requirements of your destination , including Australia. Can I book a flight with Qantas? Can Qantas and American Airlines form a joint business? Singapore: Australian passports must remain valid for six months beyond the dates of your intended stay, even when you’re just transiting – such as on QFfrom Sydney to London via Singapore , where you don’t even clear Singapore passport control.

Hong Kong: Passports must be valid for at least one month beyond the dates of the intended stay. Your passport must not expire in the next six months , or you’ll be denied entry to the country.

If in doubt, a good place to check is the Australian Government’s Smart Traveller website. This is a very easy passport mistake to make. Where we have technical interaction with border agencies through Advance Passenger Processing, the system will pick up the expiry date and not authorise the customer to be uplifte a spokeswoman says.

The Australian Government does not set these rules. Check your passport ’s expiry date before you travel, and if you’re not sure it will be valid for long enough, consider getting a new passport. Many countries don’t accept visas that are in passports which are no longer valid.

In Central America, almost all the countries enforce the six-month validity rule except one. Panama and Honduras are the only two countries that impose a three-month validity rule.

See full list on uspassporthelpguide. Most countries in the Caribbean require you to have a passport with at least six months validity. The ones that do not are US Territories like US Virgin Island and Puerto Rico or The Bahamas, Barbados, Dominican Republic, and Haiti. Lucia, and Trinidad and Tobago.

There are a handful of countries in South American that implemented the Six-Month Rule. In Europe, the rule was signed by a group of countries, and it is known as the Schengen Treaty. So, together the passport must have a minimum of six months validity to enter and stay in the country. In Africa, some countries do apply the six-month rule while others require only a valid passport.

Most Middle Eastern nations apply the six-month rule. Asian countries implement the six-month validity rule except for Hong Kong and Macau that use one-month validity. Russia and India also use the six-month rule. These Conditions of Carriage do not apply to Jetstar services.

New Zealand uses one-month validity for departure. The US visa waiver program web-site says that your passport must be valid for six months past your expected stay in the United States (unless country-specific agreements provide exemptions). While standard Australian adult passports are valid for years at a time, concurrent passports are only valid for between six months and three years. If an application is made to facilitate a specific journey, the passport’s validity will generally be the duration of that trip plus six months, up to a maximum of three years (whichever is shorter). You can not travel on a passport valid for less than months on return trip, so current passports usability is closer to years and months at best (still paying for 10years).

By then my passport will have months remaining validity.

The Philippines immigration officer advised me that Australian passport holders are allowed to enter as long as they have a valid passport. I confirmed that the month validity does not apply to Australian passport holder. Daniel of The Hotelion at TravelUpdate is correct when he wrote this article: even if you are an American citizen who already has a passport , Qantas Airways will still discount your airfare by $135. United States dollars — which includes the cost of the passport itself plus the execution fee — when you purchase a ticket using the code.

Qantas will buy Americans a passport , but not a visa to Australia. We’ve heard the majority of Americans don’t own a valid US passport. Since we’re not your typical airline, we’d like to do something about that. Just book your trip to Australia with Qantas , and we’ll cover the cost of your new passport. The campaign launches in time to support the arrival of Qantas ’ new 7Dreamliner.

Video creative leverages the fact that only of Americans hold a valid passport – offering a passport promo code for the discount for online bookings. Australia is in the top five destinations Americans would consider travelling to in the next four years, yet more than half the population do not hold a valid passport. Holders of temporary or emergency passports. It says the same for UK passports.

The only thing you could do (have done) would be to make an appointment at the UK Passport Agency at Victoria for a same day renewal.