Proprietor sentence

What does proprietorship mean? The original lease in Scots law took the form of a grant by the proprietor or lessor. Jackson, a hotel proprietor , from whose building Ellsworth had removed a. As the proprietor of a bed and breakfast, I make a point of greeting each of my guests as they arrive.

So far as it goes, the privilege of importation is an inroad on the rights given to the copyright proprietor.

Proprietor in a sentence 1. Enquiries must be made to the proprietor. The excess profit of mining investment belongs to the owner and the proprietor. He was the proprietor of a grimy chicken joint in Rochester, New York.

Seye the proprietor , tells us that there is always a way to keep the police quiet. The proprietor, a sullen lanky man , sat in a chair on the porch. Once I was pregnant, I embraced my own femininity and settled into my role as decision maker and proprietor.

The definition of a proprietor is the person who owns or operates a business.

An example of proprietor is the person who owns a shoe shop. Their father was the proprietor of an electrical and furniture store. Word forms: proprietors.

Synonyms: owner, landowner, freeholder, possessor More Synonyms of proprietor. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary. She was not known as the proprietor of the place.

No tax can be laid on land which will not affect the proprietor of millions of acres as well as the proprietor of a. A self-employed owner of an unincorporated business (called a proprietorship ), or an owner of real estate. In the case of a proprietorship, the owner does not enjoy limited liability. All the assets and liabilities of the firm accrue to the proprietor.

As a sole proprietor , you may be the most dependable, long-term partner a business could ever hope to find. Privately owned or controlled. Examples of proprietor in a sentence : 1. Use proprietor in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word.

We will, said the proprietor. How to use proprietor in a sentence.

Because the proprietor of the restaurant is a world famous chef, there is a three month waiting list to get a reservation. Stepping into the store, he attracted the attention of the proprietor. The State authority was to be the purchaser, and the occupier was to be the proprietor. This proprietor was a man of great opulence, and a relative of Naomi. Listen to the audio pronunciation in the Cambridge English Dictionary.

This sentence , England says, limits the business interests referenced in the preceding sentence to membership certificates evidencing ownership of Traditional Fine Art, and since it remained a sole proprietorship when Haege die she concludes, there are no such membership certificates. Among the coaches who stepped in were Phil Hariff, Jeff Van Housen, and more recently, Tim Robinson, the proprietor and coach at Salle Presidio in Santa Barbara. Noun) One or more persons to whom a colonial territory is assigne like a fief, including its administration.

Use sole proprietorship in a sentence proprietorship Registration. A sole proprietorship is a type of unregistered business entity that is owne managed and controlled by one person. PITTSBURGH – A resident of North Braddock, Pa.

United States Attorney David J. Hickton announced today. Remember that each type has distinct tax and liability implications. In many cases, the default Sole. If two or more individuals wish to form a business together, a partnership is. Although he had been involved in some shady deals in the past, he was determined to do business with legitimate.

He or she directs the affairs of the enterprise, bears its risks and losses, and takes the profits and benefits. Also called sole trader.