Oci document upload not working

Oci document upload not working

I keep getting a blank page after I hit upload. The photo and thumb impressions (JPEG) got uploaded successfully. I have been unable to successfully upload documents during the OCI card application using macOS or linux. I used both firefox and chrome in both cases.

After clicking upload I get a blank page. I resolved this issue by using chrome on windows 10. Advise you only use windows for this one. CKGS USA provides Indian visa application services.

Size of each document is less than 5KB. What is an ioci document uploading guide? We will send you a payment link for £12. OCI documents back to you ready to upload to your OCI Application form within a few working hours which will be a guaranteed pass. We have prepared this guide to help applicants understand the documents that should be uploaded.

Please review the guidance below for advice on the documents to be uploaded for the different types of OCI application. This feature is to re- upload supporting documents for your OCI application. Upload Image and Signature Upload Applicant’s image and signature. Proceed to Part B Continue to Part B of Form filling on the Government of India website. Upload Documents Upload mandatory documents on the Government site.

Select Document Type Step 12. If file size is greater than 30kb, adjust the rate down further until you get far lower than kb 3. Open the saved file in Paint and save it again from Paint without changing the dimensions If the JPEG-Optimizer does not work , then use MS-Word to upload the picture. Submit sets of part A and part B – am I right do I have to take sets of print outs here? Creating the master jpeg file 1. Stretch the image borders to create a huge working space so that we can paste multiple documents in the white area.

Save this image as a jpeg or jpg. I tried different documents , different browsers , nothing seems to work. Filling the master file with documents 2. Please help if anyone encountered this issue and got it resolved. Object Storage waives the minimum part size restriction for the last uploaded part. When I filled my Part A information, it gave me temporary application ID and File reference number.

Because I need to fill remaining information and print the document , I tried accessing my application by OCI enquiry etc. But, I have no success since last 4-days. Should I fill the form again or enquire to high commission?

Oci document upload not working

You can verify that an object was not unintentionally corrupted by sending the MDhash of the object part or by capturing the MDhash that is returned in the response to the request. Upload the public key (.pub) portion for the SSH key. You can browse to a public key file on your computer or paste your public key into the text box.

When the console connection has been created and is available, the state changes to Active. Guys, I am about to submit a new OCI application, there is a section to upload documents before FINAL submission. I am applying ONLY for myself but mentioned spouse details in the form, she is still with Indian passport. Specification guidelines for uploading of documents : The maximum size allowed for a document file is 5kb.

The document file must be in PDF format. When uploading a PDF the website says the file is not a PDF file. However if you try to upload a document and open up the web. Documents Document – Upload Section of Online OCI – Registration has categories. Max file size allowed for a document file is 5kb Please scan the documents in a single file for each category as mentioned below for uploading.

If the applicants have not renounced the Indian Citizenship they can apply for Renunciation with the OCI or PIO card. They can send the documents in one envelope. Stamping of OCI sticker 5-working days. Issuance of OCI Booklet -6- Weeks.

Oci document upload not working

Both the images must be in jpeg or jpg format, with max size 200kb. The height and width of the Applicant Photo must be equal. The minimum dimensions are 2pixels (width) x 2pixels (height).