Oci card validity

New Criteria of OCI Card Validity for Indian-origin Foreign. How long it will take to get OCI card in USA? What are the benefits of applying for an OCI card?

The new criteria of the OCI card validity came into effect this November 1. Those above years of age are exempted from ensuring this criterion of validity. What is the validity period of PIO (now considered OCI cards )?

The existing PIO Cards are now valid for life of the holder. For individuals below the age of years, the OCI card must be reissued with every passport reissue. But to keep records up to date, the OCI registration certificate and visa sometimes have to be re-issued. The OCI card comes with lifetime validity and does not need to be re-applied for. OCI card must be RE-ISSUED EACH TIME A NEW PASSPORT is issued up to the completion of years of age in view of biological changes in face of the applicant.

Importatnt Note: Even though that they say OCI is valid lifelong, for anyone under years of age and over years of age, you will have to apply for new OCI all over again every time you get a new passport if you are under years and once if you are over years of age. OCI or Overseas Citizenship of India is a card or rather recognition provided to individuals who have migrated to other countries from India barring countries like Pakistan and India. Such a recognition helps the migrated Indians to earn a kind of dual citizenship (though India does not allow its citizens to hold dual citizenship) if permitted.

OCI card holders, who are either below or above years of age, can continue to take flights to India with their new passports and old OCI cards until June 30.

The U-Visa ( OCI ) sticker needs to be affixed to a blank visa page in the passport. The passport must have minimum blank pages and a minimum validity of months from the date of application. PIO card holders – Original and photocopy of the PIO card is required. If accepte the OCI card is sent to the consulate from Delhi, India. Step three: The Consulate matches the U. In the meantime any deadline notified by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) thereby making handwritten PIO cards invali then PIO.

If you are already an OCI Card Holder, kindly use OCI Miscellaneous Services. How Can Travelers Apply for the OCI Card ? Those outside India will pay a US $2application fee, while applications from within the country will cost US $220. They will need to have their current passport, with at least months of validity , alongside proof that they qualify under one of the circumstances outlined above. For an OCI cardholder over years ol OCI card must be renewed only once after the issuance of a new passport. Working for past several years on the issue of OCI card , Bhandari urged the Indian government to make certain changes in the OCI card , which brings at par the perception and reality about a facility offered to overseas Indians that for years was billed as a. Eligibility criteria.

A foreign national, who was eligible to become citizen of India on 26. This takes about days. Conversion of PIO card to OCI card. One can apply for OCI card in lieu of valid PIO card free of any charges. OCI card is a smart card which will facilitate quicker immigration clearance at the ICPs and also for obtaining various Consular services from the Indian Missions.

Copy of the valid Passport (b) Copy of the PIO card The applicants can submit the applications online from anywhere.

OCI Card or the Overseas Citizenship in India is an immigration status that permits a foreign citizen (except Bangladesh and Pakistan) with an Indian origin to indefinitely live and work in India. Thus, we recommend opting for India Visa. If a person is proved to have disrespected the Indian. OCI cardholders may need to renew their OCI cards or re-issue their OCI cards or transfer them to new passports.

There are various situations when the applicant may need to do this. For example,re-issuance of OCI is mandatory every time passport is renewed up to the age of years, and again after attaining the age of years in view of. Q: I have a valid OCI Card and a valid foreign passport.

Is there any minimum validity specified for my foreign passport? A: You will be allowed entry into India if you have a valid OCI Card and a valid foreign passport, with a minimum remaining validity of six months. You do not need to carry the old passport on which your U” ( OCI ) Visa was.

Valid foreign passport and OCI card are the only documents required for travel to India, apart, of course from the air ticket. Yes, you can travel after obtaining an appropriate visa. If the OCI card is issued at the age of years, there is no need for re-issuance of OCI.