Oci application

Chrome or higher, or an equivalent browser software. Please note that online booking appointment can be very if already filled for that day. Who can apply for OCI? Also minors below year a thumb impression is required. OCI is an online process.

Minors above the age of year the applicant has to sign the form.

CKGS USA provides Indian visa application services. Therefore, they are not required to submit their foreign passports for stamping. Be careful with your : once you submit them and print out Part A, you cannot go back and make any edits or changes. Otherwise, applications will be put on hold and a new application will be asked.

In case of minor applicants, both parents should sign at the bottom of the application , even if both parents are not applying for OCI. When the application is submitted complete with all required documents a web reference number will be issued for future reference and online tracking. Kindly note that this reference number is NOT the one generated at the time of online submission of Part A. The photocopies of supporting documents must be clear and preferably in color.

All photocopies must be self-attested with a statement that This is a true copy of the original and your signature.

In case, foreign spouse application is filled by the Indian origin applicant, application would be rejected and the applicant has to fill a new application form. Those above years of age are exempted from ensuring this criterion of validity. The whole process takes around days. Sending your application by Express POST is the preferred option as this will save you the need to travel to specific IPVSC locations as well as queue and wait times. Funding is secured through charitable gifts, donations, and grants.

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See how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is helping our customers to work faster, achieve more, and spend less. Eligibles are supposed to register through the appropriate link given. This is the closest thing to dual citizenship offered by the Indian government since the Constitution of India prevents anyone from holding dual citizenship.

Choose the service that it is applicable to you! If you would like to go for this service please kindly follow the instruction in pdf for your application. What do I put for the question Relationship to root of Indian? Options given is mother, father grand mother. We facilitate complete.

Contact your local Embassy or Consulate if you need more information or feel free to Contact Us with any questions.

To fill the Government application form follow the steps – Step 1. In this way, you can easily check the status of your application so that you know where you stand. Evidently, this is great news for applicants. Application was submitted in-person.

In case of Spouse an Indian citizen – a copy of the Indian passport including the spouse name page and original. I recently became a U. The domain ociregistration. The renewal application can be submitted via NIPR at nipr.

Registration of Indian Nationals for Repatriation to India Repatriation of Indian Citizens By Non-Scheduled Commercial Flights 28.