Nhvas forms

All NHVAS applications should be submitted through the NHVR Portal Applications through the Portal use online forms and do not require having to complete any PDF forms. National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme ( NHVAS ) accreditation. Collect relevant documents and forms for submission. Engage an auditor that is registered with the NHVR to perform the appropriate NHVAS audit.

Be able to make payment at the time of submitting your application. NHVAS applications and forms NHVAS members can track their current nominated vehicles in the mass and maintenance management modules using Active Vehicle Module search.

We recommend that you download and read the relevant guide for the accreditation modules you are interested in before submitting an NHVAS application form. They are intended to facilitate assessments required for schemes such as TruckSafe and NHVAS Fatigue Management Accreditation, as distinct from driver licensing. When an auditor has carried outtwo consecutive auditsof a module for an operator, a different auditor must conduct the next audit of that module.

Certifies that a management system for accreditation is in place, is being used and adheres to the scheme standards before accreditation is granted. For the first accreditation perio a scheme member’s management system must undergo an initial compliance audit no earlier than months and no later than months after the effective date of the accreditation, and a second compliance audit prior to the expiry of the accreditation period. Where information (e.g. on-road breach, serious crash, compliance history, an intercept report, a compliance statement or a complaint) suggests that a scheme member may be acting in contravention of the conditions of accreditation, the NHVR may initiate a triggered audit. See full list on nhvr.

They may be requested at the discretion of a service provider or the NHVR at any time, with or without notice at any premises of a scheme member.

Authorised officers may carry out random inspections in conjunction with NHVR or jurisdictional auditors to identify that the management system or condition of a vehicle(s) is consistent with the NHVAS standards and national vehicle standards. As part of your accreditation you must regularly complete a Statement of compliance (PDF, 257KB)if required. These signed statements must be presented at audit. The following audit matrices provide a tool to assess and confirm compliance with the accreditation standards and criteria: 1. Audit matrix – Mass management (DOCX, 93KB) 2. We have the systems and capability to suit most transport operations from owner operators to major fleets. Creative Accreditation’s specialty is effectively connecting your transport business with accreditation.

Accredited operators must demonstrate that their vehicles and drivers comply with standards set by NHVAS through regular audits of their transport management systems and vehicle or driver assessments. Documents and forms for heavy vehicles. Notices and ministerial orders. Operators of heavy vehicles are able to meet their obligations by using the forms above for their accreditation for Basic or Advanced Fatigue Management under the NHVAS. Mass Management Accreditation encourages heavy vehicle operators to take greater responsibility for responsibility for loading their trucks correctly ensuring that trucks are compliant.

NHVAS a Participant is required to complete quarterly compliance statements. These statements must contain a record of compliance with the key outcomes required for each module. Labels Prime movers and trucks must display the NHVAS label in a way that the information on the label is readable from outside the vehicle.

Operators must implement a system in their business that provides documentary and auditable evidence to prove they are complying. NHVAS accreditation module selection In which NHVAS accreditation modules are you a participant?

Only intercept books that are required should be ordered. When it comes to NHVAS , we take care of everything. If you try to tackle NHVAS alone, your heavy vehicle compliance auditing can be painful. Elite Compliance Consulting can provide your business with everything you need to become accredited and self-managed under your chosen heavy vehicle accreditation scheme.

We provide TransAssist manuals, procedures, forms , pre-trip books, fault books and driver folders tailored to which ever scheme you wish to enter. Get an application form and supporting information. Registration and NHVAS Accreditation. If you are accredite the RTA will send you accreditation labels to stick on your nominated vehicles. Complete the application form and Schedule list of nominated vehicles and send it to the RTA’s NHVAS Accreditation Officer, together with your audit report.

A checklist is shown and at the bottom of the page just above the next box click on download forms this will give you the correct form to complete your application to amend the. The training for appointed NHVAS manager and administration staff and drivers who will be carrying out relative roles. Interviews with the NHVAS operator and staff.

Accredited operators are required to have their systems, processes and records independently verified by authorised NHVAS Auditors on a regular basis.