Nepal visa passport photo size

The photo must be in color. Head position: keep your head straight. Must not be older than months. Make a Nepalese visa photo in click and get a professional result: a 3. Nepal: Online visa: 38xmm (x cm) Create or learn more about Nepal Online visa photo at photo-for-nepal-online-visa.

Nepal: Visa: 35xmm (x cm) Create or learn more about Nepal Visa photo at photo-for-nepal-visa.

Nepal passport photo 35xmm size , tool, requirements. The size (width x height) of Nepal Visa photo is 35x(in mm) or 3. DPI) Care should be taken to position the face within the photo as per the following requirements for Nepal Visa photo. The minimum head height should be 29mm. The maximum head height should be 34mm. Specifications for the Nepalese visa photo are the same as above apart from the size of the photograph.

One photograph is required of size 50mm x 50mm. The applicants face should cover ~ of the photo, therefore the distance from chin to crown should be between 36mm-42mm. We guarantee if you supply us with a good photo we will size and print your photo correct the first time.

Passport Photo Requirements for Nepal. Width: 35mm, Height: 45mm. Resolution (dpi) 600. Image definition parameters. Head height (up to the top of the hair): 32.

Distance from top the of the photo to the top of the hair: 3mm. Please use the passport with which you have travelled to Nepal or intends to travel to Nepal. You must have a digital file of your recent color photograph (size inch by inch) at hand for uploading the photograph on the application. The Indian passport regulatory document states the size to be 3. India, most of the passport size photos are in a rectangular shape so.

I have search on the internet and on LP and I can not find the photo size required for the visa on arrival. All sites state passport size , even in Ministry of Home Affairs Department of Immigration, but none of them say what a passport size photo is as countries have different passport size photo. When taking the picture, be sure your head from chin to forehead is 32mm to 36mm. Also give a 2-6mm gap from the top of your head to edge of the photo.

Use a neutral expression and avoid smiling. Visa can also be obtained at the nearest Nepal Embassy or Diplomatic Mission. A valid passport and one passport size photo with a light background is required.

Immigration Department has not specified the size of the passport size photo.

You must have your permanent mailing address of your country of residence and detail address in Nepal. Please note the following and file an application accordingly for tourist visa to visit Nepal. Bring or send your valid passport with a duly filled out visa application form affixing a passport size photo on it. Visa fee should send in cash with your.

This app lets you save money by combining standard passport , ID or VISA photos into single sheet of 3x 4x 4x 5xor Apaper. Then you can order prints from print service providers. Submit a high resolution photo that is not blurry, grainy, or pixelated. Printed on matte or glossy photo quality paper.

Do not digitally change the photo.