My father left me nothing in his will uk

My father left me and my siblings out of his will – and left everything to his new family. Before my father died he told me he’d left all us children something each in his will. Since he died a year ago nothing has been mentioned about a will. But my dad said he had left each adult child a little something. His will states that in the event of his death.

So long as the will was legally drawn up there is nothing you can do.

He was going to change it but passed away before he could get to his attorney. My father wrote up his last will under the pressure of his now deceased wife, leaving his estate to her oldest daughter. Re: My Father Left Me Nothing. A copy of the will will be filed in that court file. I have one other sibling, a brother, to whom everything was left.

When I spoke to my brother – the sole executor and beneficiary under the will – he just shrugged his shoulders. Is there anything I can do? I’d been estranged from my father for various reasons for many years, but nothing prepared me for his final wishes.

He died this summer, and in his will he left his house and its contents to my.

In my case, my mother left me everything and left my step- dad nothing. Even her money which was a lot was separate from his and she made me co-owner of all of it with right of survivorship. They did have a joint account, but she kept her money separate.

I happened to see his will and it left everything to his three adult children. As for the child support your mother would have had to take him to court and force him to pay it but it is probably too late for that. You cannot seek that.

Can I challenge my step-mother’s will? It was the first time I really felt jealous of someone for having a father. I was never your little girl. Am I entitled to something else instead?

Unfortunately, unless the wording of the will says so (eg specifying an alternative gift) you are not entitled to anything else. Over the years we have had some contact from time to time, but always end up arguing which in long periods with no. I am now nearly years old. As soon as your father die his property became his probate estate. If he left a will , his property will probably be distributed according to its terms by the probate court.

This is a complicated question and there is no clearly correct answer. Sometimes, this can be done online. Let me begin by saying that your father was completely within his rights in favoring one child over other children in his will, especially where that favored Child was his lat.

It reminded me of his last, sad years and I hid it away until finally disposing of it.

Since leaving I have, inevitably, found myself in. Also, a grant might not be needed if. He had been completely absent during my childhood. He never came on holiday with my sister or me , or read us bedtime stories or talked to us.

Question Details: My father passed away last month owning a lot of property. However, for no reason at all my stepmom is really being very mean. She claims that he left us nothing at all but I do not believe. I went through the gut-churning weeks leading up to his death at his bedside helping him.

Now I find out that 1 of his estate (easily $ mil, likely more) is going to his second wife.