Moving to usa from new zealand

New Zealand and the USA have a lot in common, like great scenery, fast foo and the English language. People who have moved here from the USA say that Kiwis are relaxe friendly, and easy to get along with. With discounted fees and the best exchange rates available as a benefit to you by moving to the United States with New Zealand Movers. Here are nine pros and nine cons of New Zealand.

Pro: Work-Life Balance New Zealand has an excellent work-life balance compared to the US. Almost all employees get four weeks of annual leave.

A lot more businesses are closed holidays than in the US , and the government requires 1. Good luck with your move and after it is over, please remember to come back and share your moving story with us ! Many people move from the United States to New Zealand for job opportunities, to retire, to study or just to raise their children. New Zealand is a relatively small country – roughly the same size as the state of Colorado. Despite its size many people are attracted to New Zealand by the promise of an easier pace of life. Why to move to New Zealand?

What are the requirements for moving to New Zealand? Can US citizens move to New Zealand? The path you go down will determine which kind of visa.

The work-life balance and general quality of life you will experience are some of the main benefits of moving to New Zealand. However, there are many other reasons why you should move to New Zealand , whether that is the friendly Kiwi culture, the relaxed work culture, or the breathtaking landscapes you get to enjoy regularly. Every New Zealand citizen has the right to live and work in Australia. The hordes fleeing the country induce regular outpourings of angst in the media.

Short of Australia legislating against New Zealanders, or New Zealand introducing North Korean style legislation, New Zealanders will continue moving to Australia, where the mining boom has. Is it easy to move to the USA from New Zealand ? A few important considerations are taking care of visa and international shipping requirements, finding right location and home, education for kids, figuring out the healthcare in the USA or getting comfortable. Moving to a different country is an important decision to make.

The bad: The United States is a big, culturally diverse place. We have access to the latest of everything at a low price, and with a wide variety to choose from. Make sure you close all bank accounts in your current country and transfer them to accounts in New Zealand as soon as possible.

Pay off any debts or other liabilities before you leave. Take care of any other problems that you may have difficulty solving when in a different country. Board a plane and head to New Zealand. Again this is quite a subjective matter as it all depends on how much stuff you move to New Zealand. Some people decide to ship their whole houses, cars, and pets to NZ with them.

For us , we shipped half a container load of belongings which at the time cost us just under 0GBP. Virgin Islands, and Northern Mariana Islands are considered a Category country (rabies absent or well controlled). Hawaii, Guam, and American Samoa are considered a Category country (rabies-free).

Shipping things in is also expensive. When I was home, I ordered two pendant watches online and to have them sent to my home in the states the total cost with shipping was about $63. Whether you’re relocating to America with the family, or just on your own, the Transworld team are here to help. I moved from the US to.

Don’t delay though, as it may not be an option if the IRS find you first. Most Kiwis I know have no interest in ever visiting the USA because they associate us with horrible politicians, extreme consumption and fake pleasantries. LOS ANGELES – More Americans are reportedly looking to move to New Zealand amidst the coronavirus. New Zealand went into lockdown on March and was already beginning to loosen social restrictions.

Our goal for this moving to New Zealand guide is to make it the most comprehensive resource for anyone making the move to New Zealand. If you have any comments on this information please do contact us and be sure to visit our blog too. Converting this to other currencies, NZD is equivalent to 0.