Moving to new zealand from australia checklist

The Biggest Commitment: 1. Put your house on the market! This may have to be done sooner than the month mark. Start your visa application process – completing any medicals and applying for any police checks can take 1-months alone.

Insure your passports and driver’s licenses are valid.

Make a folder of all your important documents, make copies and keep them safe. Research, Research, Research! Read up on job huntin. See full list on goingnz. Inform the schools that your children attend that you will be moving.

Give notice to your landlord if required. Give formal notice to your current employer (It is not as scary as it seems!)Action: 1.

Request credit references from your bank. Sell any unwanted furniture or belongings – this is a good opportunity to have a serious declutter! Start packing any non-essential items – collect boxes!

Give a forwarding address to all your contacts, including your bank, passport office, DVLA and accountants. Pay off any outstanding debts. Transfer your funds with a foreign exchange specialist. Confirm bookings with international removals or freight companies.

Ask for a copy of your no claims bonus form from your insurance company. Ensure you are fully covered prior to departure. Disinfect and wash all outdoor items thoroughly e. Virkon S can be purchased from Amazon quite cheaply. Arrange for your post to be redirected via the post office. Cancel direct debits coming from your account.

Organise transport to the airport. Double check your hand luggage has everything.

What you’ll find below are the tasks most critical to your immigration at each phase of the process. You won’t find the steps for your visa application itself, as it is best to discuss these with your immigration advisor. Do I need a visa to travel to Australia?

Can I move to Australia from abroad? Get all the information you need here to make a successful and stress-free move across the ditch. We moved to Brisbane from Auckland over years ago and wanted to share all the information. Complete our FREE online assessment and see if you are eligible.

No matter the size, we can help you move it, but it’s important to plan ahea so that you don’t miss anything. Overall, however, the local purchasing power is 14. Averages can be extremely abstract, though. Let’s instead look at actual prices for everyday items, as shared on Numbeo. Instea you will be provided a special category visa that allows you to live in Australia for as long as you desire, as well as work and study.

Enrol children in new school. Coordinate the forwarding of any files from the children’s. Internet and cable TV connection. Gas, electricity and water. AUD will get you around $NZD.

Here’s how you become a citizen. Most NZ citizens can visit, live and work in Australia without applying for a tourist or work visa. New Zealand than in Australia. NZ permanent residents need to apply for visas to Australia. When you arrive in Australia.

If you plan to work and live in Australia , there are things you’ll need to sort out as soon as you arrive, like your tax, healthcare and driver licence.