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Does Belgium have immigration laws? Is Belgium an expat destination? What is living in Belgium? I am moving from the UK to Kortrijk next month for one year and was looking for help and advice.

I am spending some of my time on Duolingo and watching Dutch videos trying to get better at the language.

You plan to move to a country that is a bit less wealthy, slightly less stable and has worse infrastructure. But does have higher taxes. It can be positive if you have a great job offer, find love or just like Belgium more. This big diversity makes it easy for everybody to feel at home in Belgium. However, the linguistic division still causes problems both on a political and cultural level.

Don’t be ashamed to admit it: Like many expats moving to Belgium , you don’t know much about the country – apart from rumours about the chocolate and the beer. It really is a unique countrynbsp;– for better or worse. Belgium is complex in ways you cannot even begin to imagine.

If you are moving to Belgium , there are certain registrations and insurances that are mandatory for foreigners planning to live there long-term. It is a relatively small but densely populated country with an estimated population of just over million people. This includes certain aspects that need to be arranged from your first week of arrival. Even so, beyond the obvious choices of Brussels and Bruges, there are countless places to see in and around Belgium.

Check the immigration laws when you arrive. Those of us, who have been expats here for a while, forget just how strange it can seem to newcomers. Today, our guest contributor, Laura, shares her observations, after a year of living in Brussels. After a year of being Brussels-base I thought it was time to reflect (light-heartedly) on life in this Low Country.

Hopefully entertaining as well :p. Tips on what to do and not do while pcsing to Belgium ! Suggestions, Questions, Requests? The weather is mental. In the spring, usually May, you will get an extra of a month’s salary, as vacation pay (pécule de vacances) and at the end of the year, you will get an extra month’s bonus (the th month). Point is, go first and see how you feel there.

You can take comfort in the fact that you’ll be among some of the friendliest, tallest, beer loving people in the world. It is a stable and modern democracy with a strong economy.

It has a population of over million people and it is part of the European Union. As many as 250people attend the event each year. Short of Australia legislating against New Zealanders, or New Zealand introducing North Korean style legislation, New Zealanders will continue moving to Australia, where the mining boom has steadily pushed Australian wages to among the highest in the world.

Name: Lucrecia Gomez Age: Home town: Buenos Aires, Argentina. Expat Life in Brussels, Belgium. If you’re thinking about relocating and need to obtain a budget to estimate your moving overseas costs, you’ve come to the right place.

Moving overseas services. Containers provides fast, reliable and affordable services and is your top choice for moving overseas companies. Stuttgart headquarters to a location in Mons, Belgium. But this doesn’t mean the Netherlands doesn’t have its own rich cultural heritage – far from it. I believe that Berlin made it easier for me to move here because the city is truly international.

There it will be located. Also, if you are marrie you need to bring your marriage certificate when you register. If you move to a new home, city, or even country, you have to inform the register office.

You must also apply for a tax card at your local tax office. Eating out in Europe can be more expensive than stateside. Schnitzels and beers for the.