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Pitcairn is one of the most isolated Islands in the world. With an ageing population of around people, this British Overseas Territory is seeking suitably qualified individuals and families who would enjoy the challenge of helping to build a vibrant and sustainable future in this far-flung settlement. All four islands have sub-tropical climates. The islands are accessible only by sea.

Please contact the Deputy Governor for further information.

You’ll be more isolated from the rest of the world than Napolean in exile! It takes in the entire exclusive economic zone surrounding the island. The weather is warm year-roun perfect for long walks through the beaches and trees. See full list on nomadcapitalist. The application process to eventually get residency on the island is fairly straightforwar even if it isn’t as free as the offer makes it sound.

It starts with an online application that will cost you $5(NZD). There is very few criteria whatsoever. It’s not like they have a St.

Regus you can check into. If you figure that out and all goes well, then you’ll receive your free land. Once you have your lan you can build a little, $150house in the small-town, remote-island setting that you always hoped for. You can bring in a company from New Zealand to get the house built, but there’s also an experienced builder on the island who can help you get set up.

At Nomad Capitalist, we want our clients and readers to develop more financial freedom, become global citizens, and create wealth. The government of this little volcanic outcropping is looking for a very specific kind of people. They want to attract young, able-bodied couples with young children who’ll be able to help them build up and maintain the island. People who will be able to handle the physical and emotional challenges that come with living on a tiny island on top of a fault line in the middle of the Pa.

Someone young who finds the idea romantic,working har and has enough money saved up to support themselves out there for a while. Because, as it turns out, there isn’t much in the way of jobs on an island of people. Until you obtain that residency, what jobs do exist aren’t even open to non-residents. An even if you do get that residency and that job, it isn’t a for sure thing that you’ll be around long enough to benefit.

All in all, I’m not surprised that there aren’t many takers. If you’re new to Nomad Capitalist, the words “offshore” and “second passport” might bring up memories of the spy flicks you’ve watched – bad guys moving wealth where no one can find it and assassins going through boxes of fake passports. The reality is much less mystical.

Most westerners have a lot to gain by legally setting up companies and bank accounts outside of their home country. Many people get trapped in the idea of staying just where they are.

They put up with a high tax rate and a high cost of living because they think that home is the only place to be. They tax less and reduce regulations on corporations to bring in entrepreneurs and bolster their economy. This just isn’t true. An in almost all of these places, you’ll have to make fewer sacrifices to your quality of life than you would in Pitcairn.

In Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia, you’ll find plenty of culturally diverse cities with all the amenities you’d expect back home. While each individual situation is very different, there is always a better way to live the life you want and go where you’re treated best. Take our advice and pass on the free land.

Once you start saving on taxes and the cost of living in places like Malaysia or Montenegro, your new home will practically pay for itself. Here’s why you should be the next. When the shortest route to anywhere involves a couple of days on a boat to get to an outlying part of French Polynesia (where you still need a flight to get to Papa’ete ), you’re definitely a long way from anywhere else. B ut there have been few takers. Access to the rest of the shoreline is restricted by jagged rocks.

In a bid to increase that number to one more sustainable, the island nation is offering free land AND permanent residency to every migrant. The only requirements are that you must actually relocate there and that you must be able to sustain yourself. A: It is strongly recommended you visit the island first. You can use this time to get a hand’s on feel for the islan the community and the life style before making the ultimate decision to settle.

Its location had been incorrectly charted by the explorer Carteret , who missed the mark by 2miles, and was therefore the ideal refuge for the mutineers.