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Base Operation Services (BOS) has been one of the primary focuses of KIRA, we provide complete facilities maintenance for Base Operations Support to U. We support virtually every category of base operations and logistic functions. Our operations typically cover tens of thousands of acres and the management of hundreds of employees. Being the Government’s Best low-cost service provider 2. KIRA has proven expertise: 1. Partnering with smaller or larger firms to provide complete support to government clients 3. See full list on kira.

Part of the reputation and allure of a university is the beauty of its campus.

The team is currently working to phase in this complex contract to ensure USAFA receives the same high level of service the government has come to expect from. Outsourcing facilities maintenance is a one of the easiest ways to reduce internal operating costs and save money. Cost-saving innovations 2. Using proven contractors 3. Careful tracking of hours and efficient internal tracking of job progress Our exceptional quality and award-winning workmanship comes from using a network of pre-certifie carefully screened contractors.

With over years of experience, our staff is keenly aware of the unique challenges and operating issues associated with servicing very large projects, ones that might cover tens of thousands of acres and involve the management of hundreds of people. A track record of being consistently on-time and on-budget 2. Kira now has the capability to go beyond just identifying and extracting provisions, clauses, and data points, by contextualizing this data and providing you with the to your most pressing business questions, instantly. Make your admissions process more human.

Kira transforms your admissions process with on-deman timed video and timed written assessments. Kira works with more than 3programs worldwide to build applicant-first assessments that identify and select their best-fit students. Kira is the intranet that empowers your organisation to get more done. Its straightforward interface and powerful publishing tools enable your colleagues to communicate and collaborate better.

And it’s designed to integrate completely with Office 36 becoming the core of a really transformative digital workplace. Update My Membership. Kira gives you a human perspective on each of your applicants.

Free Holistic Admissions Kit.

Kira creates completely customized training and workshops designed to fit your program’s needs. Facilitate change at your school. Evaluate applicants at scale. Kira ’s Reviewer Services are an extension of your admissions team. Deloitte and Kira Systems together help enable our clients to obtain rapid insight and value from their contracts and other documents.

Deloitte’s extensive experience using Kira Systems’ machine learning document analysis software helps enable much faster review of documents and generation of insights than with conventional methods. Kira means throne not Black haired one or little dark one like in Irish. Kira also means lordly, ruler in Greek, in Egyptian Sun as a variation of Takira.

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