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Withania is from the Solonaceae or nightshade family and is also known as Indian Ginseng, ashwagandha , poison gooseberry or winter cherry in Australia (not to be confused with Physallis alkekengi ). The species name ‘somnifera ’ means sleep inducing in Latin. Used by Indian herbalists (Ayurvedic medicine) as tonic or powder that has benefits for stress reduction and anxiety. Highly regarded in Indian ( Ayurvedic ) medicine, being a primary strengthening tonic, used for the treatment of debility and inflammation conditions, strengthening the nervous system, premature ageing, low libido, impotence and infertility. It should not surprise us that the plant has been called ginseng.

Does ginseng grow in India?

Can ginseng cause lung cancer? A tropical and subtropical species, the tree requires a warm climate and a humid atmosphere. It can nevertheless withstand temperatures close to 0°C. It is mighty useful plant according to Ayurveda, ashwagandha roots has medicinal properties and is used to cure debility, anemia, and impotency. Its regular use improves vigor and immune power.

The roots, leaves, and fruits (berry) hold enormous medicinal value. In India , it is known as the “strength of the stallion” due to the fact that it has traditionally been used to strengthen the immune system. Dasgupta A, Tso G, Wells A. Which Company Is Disrupting a $4Billion Dollar Industry?

Read our Report and Find Out! It is one of the important ingredients of ayurvedic rejuvenate, which is used in various tonics and formulas. In India, it is known as the “strength of the stallion” due to the fact that it has traditionally been used to strengthen the immune system. Traditionally used for mental and physical performance.

Other Names: Winter Cherry, Indian Ginseng , Physalisflexuosa Growing Area: Native to Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka. It also grows in parts of Africa. Using the thousand-year-old method of steaming and drying, this ginseng supplement stays as true to traditional herbal medicine as possible. It thrives in sandy, loamy soils in the drier parts of India and Sri Lanka. Table 106: Ginseng Market in Australia : Annual Sales Estimates.

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Unfollow indian ginseng to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. This plant, the Withania somnifera, is a nightshade which is a totally different species. The nickname is because of its association with strength and stamina – both characteristics of ginseng. It’s also known as the winter cherry and poison gooseberry. Clinically Proven to Naturally Boost Memory with Ginkgo.

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Our experts Review the top products. Amid the COVID-crisis, the global market for Ginseng estimated at US$5. Being hardy and drought tolerant species with its enormous biocompounds, its usage is forever regarded and continuous to enjoy the monopoly in many parts of India, particularly in Madhya Pradesh.

Indian ginseng , poison gooseberry, or winter cherry, and purportedly useful. Iphigenia – Ran Lahsun Iphigenia is a plant genus in the Colchicaceae family of the major group Angiosperms. It was described by Kunth. It consists of species distributed from tropical Africa, over Madagascar and India to Australia.

As with other taxa in Colchicaceae Iphigenia contains phenethylisoquinoline alkaloids including colchicine.