How to write a voluntary redundancy letter to employer

How long should I write a voluntary redundancy letter? Can I accept redundancy letter? Can employer ask for redundancy? What to include in a letter of redundancy?

How to write a voluntary redundancy letter to employer

In the instant , you’ll send out the last discussion Letter to that particular individual in risk to redundancy. After careful consideration, the company has decided to accept your request. Moving forwar you will sign on the resignation letter that will be provided to you. Sometimes an employer will no longer require an employee’s job to be done by anyone.

This is known as a redundancy. Reasons for redundancy can be the result of introduction of new technology , changes to the market (ie. lower sales or production ), changing operational demands as well as the general need to increase efficiency and reduce costs of doing business. In those circumstances, the law offers significant protection to employees exposed to the proposed changes. In most cases, the law not. See full list on employsure.

How to write a voluntary redundancy letter to employer

Typically consultation commences with a discussion with an employee outlining that the business is considering making that person’s job redundant. Following this discussion, the employer should invite the employee to a formal meeting to discuss the possibility of redundancy in more depth an particularly, possibilities of re-placement and alternatives which may save the employee’s position. It is a good idea to keep a record of any invitations to redundancy meetings and follow each meeting up.

If, subsequent to a fair process having been conducte it is determined that the outcome will be redundancy , a final meeting should be convened. At that time, the employer should deliver a preliminary outcome. Following confirmation of redundancy , a formal letter of redundancy should be issued to the employee. The information contained in a letter of notification of redundancy should: 1. In general, this letter should be short and to the point – three or four paragraphs explaining your work experience, track recor and other facts that qualify you for voluntary redundancy is all that is needed. Then, print off the letter , and sign it.

The first step is to write a voluntary redundancy letter explaining the situation and asking for members of staff to volunteer. By being truthful and transparent about the difficulties the company is facing , managers can build trust with their employees and avoid any whispering by the water cooler. Letter to Employer (Below) – To further help employees facing redundancy we have compiled the following letter to help make it easier to approach your employers to ask for assistance with finding a new job. Get straight to the point in your letter , begin it by stating that you are writing to request voluntary redundancy.

You should then mention what date this will be effective from. Employees who volunteer and are accepted for redundancy are still regarded in law as having been dismisse i. Use our acceptance of volunteer for redundancy letter to ensure you stay on the right side of the law. If your employers have offered staff voluntary redundancy then simply write stating who you and accepting their offer.

How to write a voluntary redundancy letter to employer

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During the voluntary redundancy process, your business may need to send out a voluntary redundancy acceptance letter. There are important areas of employment law to get right. Don’t go through your line manager and don’t forward your message to anyone else. If the employer wishes to protect itself against such.

The fewer people know about it, the more control you have over the way in which you are perceived by your colleagues and your profession. Voluntary redundancy is a recognised category of dismissal for redundancy. There is no legal requirement to ask for volunteers for redundancy , but it is generally considered to be good practice. Offering a voluntary redundancy package and then seeking willing redundancy volunteers may avoid compulsory redundancies altogether. A tug at the heart strings is often useful – such as an aged relative to care for.

Make sure the letter goes to people with influence.