How to get a green card

How much does it cost to get a green card? Are there other ways to obtain a green card? What is the process to obtain a green card? Can I buy a home to get a green card?

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Apply for a Green Card. USCIS will review your application and schedule an interview with you. Follow form instructions to submit application for you green card.

No, you cannot get a green card if you have a tourist visa. You have skills that are in short supply in the US e. As the word itself implies, tourist visa is simply for a. See full list on how. Basic requirement is, you need to get a permanent job offer.

But all work visas can not get you a green card. There are many types of work visas. Once you find the category that may fit your situation, click on the link provided to get information on eligibility requirements, how to apply, and whether your family members can also apply with you.

In terms of the “easiest” path to a green card through the family-based preference system, spouses and under-children of U. For petition is necessary to file the I-1form and along with other documents, start the process to obtain the green card. Through the green card lottery. An application can only be made online and all applications will be checked by our in-house immigration officers for any errors or mistakes.

This is the official online application. The first step in the process of getting a green card through employer sponsorship is for your. Once your employer has an approved labor certification application, you can proceed with the. Stepchildren and stepparents may also qualify. To get a green card through marriage, your US citizen or US permanent resident spouse is required to file a Form I-1on your behalf (there are additional steps as well that we will discuss below).

If you are a foreign-born individual whose significant other has U. Getting access to medical marijuana in the U. You need to apply through a U. You will attend your interviews and appointments in your home country and only enter the U. This post will cover how to get green card through family.

If you have members of your family who are US permanent resident or US citizens then this is likely your easiest route regarding how to get green card. This only applies if you are wealthy enough to afford it. When you invest $500K to $1M in a U. S commercial enterprise and create more than permanent jobs, you can get the EB-visa.

Fake and Real Green Cards Online. Green Card or other paperwork that grants you the right to enter the U. Yellow in reality, it offers its beneficiary all the privileges that can benefit an American citizen. Gather the documents you will need to apply for a Social Security card. You are required by the Social Security Administration to present two forms of identification that prove your age, identity and citizenship. If the Department of Homeland Security issued an Admission-Departure Record to you, it is necessary for you to present this to the Social Security Administration.

Additionally it is discounted for Active Military, Auxiliary Police, Cert, Handicappe Junior (under 18), Seniors,Veterans and Volunteers with the appropriate. The Green Key is good for three years from the date of purchase.