How to cut a saddle in pipe with a torch

If the pipe being cut fits over the pipe being saddle then set the saw to degrees. Set the blade to cut on the center of the pipe. Turn, and cut again, just like before, except the pipe will be pointed.

It will fit right around the smaller pipe! How to cut pipe saddles?

What is a saddle cut? Establish a vertical line on your work area at degrees. On the lower half draw a second shorter line intersecting the first at degrees.

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on. Pipe Cutting , cutting holes with a torch. Mathey Dearman prides itself on being the world’s foremost authority on preparing pipe for joining together by welding.

Over the years, we have also developed other essential tools and equipment. A mini jolli chain machine is popular for smaller shops that require precision beveling while the maxi size steps things up with an adjustable torch.

They then take a hand-cutting plasma torch or oxyfuel torch and slowly rotate the pipe, following the chalk line they created. Mathey Dearman’s CNC Saddle Machine is a horseshoe shaped gear that runs in a track carrying a cutting torch around a piece of pipe to make cuts fast and accurately. Contour Cutting Attachment Produce perfect miter and saddle cuts with the easy to use Mathey Dearman Contour Cutting Attachment.

Simply choose the Template for the desired type of cut and the torch will follow the Template around the pipe. I use a hand plasma torch (Hypertherm Powermax30) and if I have multiple saddles or fishmouth cuts I fabricate a guide from a larger size piece of tube or pipe that slips over the OD of the tube or pipe you are cutting. CS Solid Torch Holder Now standard on all of the saddle -type beveling machines, the Model C Adjustable Torch Holder, the Model C Out-of-Round Attachment, and all Shape- Cutting Attachments.

A saddle cut is different for different wall thickness. This guide only works on thin-walled pipe. This should have been in the product description.

There are websites with calculators that will draw a template for you. The fit is very poor. Chopsaw or bandsaw work is a breeze, to works but it will need dressed a bit. Perfect beveled cut every time.

We are using used pipe. Labor on that big of a job will eat u up saddling pipe with a saw. My ol chop saw couldnt keep up!

Each side of every cuboid is clearly stamped to ensure the corrict pipe size. When not in use the cuboid spacers are securely housed on the back of the saddle. Out-of-round pipe attachment – This keeps the torch at a constant pre-set distance from the pipe wall, despite dents, warps and other imperfections.

I purchased one last week and have cut at least 2coves and a couple hundred straight cuts on rusty magnetized used oilfield schedule pipe. I used a Shur- Cut guide to mark the pipe , then angled the band saw to cut the coves. For pipe sizes ranging from 1. Does anyone know of a computer program that will print a template to wrap around a pipe to cut a saddle. This unit can use Propane Tips as well with this set up.

Larger Pipes will require more chain as maximum pipe size in essentially infinite. Each ring gear and saddle is precisely machine assembled and calibrated to ±. Each machine is equipped with a rear-mounted short saddle for cutting and beveling in tight locations. These items have become to pipe fence contractors, the most logical way to saddle posts or horizontal pipe rail for fence.

No more cutting torch ! We purchased this product with only sizes available.