How to commercialise a property

Assuming these photos will be used for commercial purposes and the location is recognizable, you would need a property. The most common way to attach a PCB inside an enclosure that is not usually accessable is with either screws and standoffs. How to develop commercial property? Can I rent my property to commercial?

How do I develop commercial real estate? Azeem explained that an advertisement has to be placed in one of the dailies , advertising the intention of the owner to commercialise the property.

In case no objection is raised by anyone in the public, the owner can proceed with the conversion. Large multinational corporations have developed many of the existing IP portfolio strategies. However, it is important to understand how those strategies function in order to begin applying them in your own IP strategy.

For example, licensing and sale of IP were strategies developed and initially used by large companies. According to IP expert James E. Limit internal prosecution to innovation that can be most cost-effective and deployed rapidly internally 2. Acquire those assets that are most efficiently deployed by others 3. See full list on learn.

Using the basic portfolio management strategies mentioned above, a startup should focus on the innovation and research that is central to the company’s core business goals. Next, they should understand what other technologies complement their offering, and look to form partnerships in order to create higher value solutions. Lastly, they should ensure that their resources are directed towards the core IP that supports the business goals. The IP strategy should be tailored to support those goals by maximizing the legal protections available and minimizing risk and liability.

Licensing out IP can generate a stream of licensing royalties. Bear in min however, that the terms of a licensing agreement are very important. It is possible that a potentially useful licensing agreement can result in very poor for a startup.

Such a situation could occur, for example, if you sign an exclusive licence with a partner who doesn’t expend a proper effort in marketing or developing the technology. In this case, using “a stick” would mean threatening others with potential patent infringement and demanding a licensing fee. This amounts to imposing a cost disadvantage on a competitor or extracting a rent. Offering or giving “a carrot” would involve looking for win-win licensing solutions. One variation is technology licensing, which is a non-exclusive license coupled with the transfer of know-how and technical support.

Technology licensing is used by companies such as Qualcomm and ARM. One of the simplest means of monetizing an IP asset is commercial sale. Increasingly, new markets exist for the sale of IP assets, such as patent auctions, online sales and deals with licence enforcement companies. Mumbai-based Deepika Khurana, a 27-year-old doctor, wanted to convert a room of her rented apartment into a clinic.

However, her landlord told her if she did so, he would be forced to increase the monthly rental, as he would be liable to pay commercial property tax on his residential property.

STOR helps UB researchers review their intellectual property for commercial potential. It becomes imperative for the orchestrator to protect its intellectual property rights as there is tremendous flow of critical information across partners. Therefore, if there are any glitches among the partners, there is a strong possibility of theft or piracy, which will do great damage to the orchestrator.

To paint a general picture of what it’s like investing in commercial property , let’s examine the pros and cons of investing in a single-story commercial retail building, such as a community “strip mall”. Here are some of the pros of buying commercial real estate over residential property. Find the best Property on Mitula. The Land And Farm Site Offers Users Easy-To-Use Tools To Browse Land. Thousands of Land Listings!

Commercial rental properties. The kind of businesses you lease or sell the property to will all have their own set of demands for the property , and you must be able to cater to that market by providing the right location, trustworthy contractors, and efficient property management. First, know that there are a couple of routes available to you. You could build a company to bring your patent to. Alternatively, you may wish to self- commercialise , which is a bigger challenge but means you increase your potential profits.

Intellectual property is basically a way to register an Idea or a mark etc. By reviewing your existing IP asset portfolio, you can identify IP assets that may be capable of being monetise whether through licensing or sale. However, to effectively commercialise your innovation you must also develop a business plan that protects your commercial assets and promotes growth.

Transform innovation into revenue Our commercial intellectual property advice can help you develop a business strategy that identifies innovative ideas in their infancy and a business structure. However, the University is not in the business of producing goods and services based on these innovations. Consequently, commercialization of BGSU innovations requires transfer of intellectual property rights to these inventions to.

The most common need for rezoning is when an owner wants to open a business on a property that is zoned for residential use or to change a commercial property from one type of zoning to another.