How to change facebook page username

From your News Feed , click Pages in the left menu. Enter a new username. If the username is available and follows the guidelines for custom. Learn how to see your Page role.

There may be limits on your Page.

On the About page that opens find the Username section (under General ). I changed it to something more professional. When you click there, a popup box appears. The text walkthrough with screenshots is directly above. Type in a new username and click on save changes.

Go to your Page and click Page Settings on the top-right corner. OR you can simply click on About (refer to the image above). Review your request and click Request Change.

In the text box, enter a username that makes sense for your brand and to your fans. Choose your name carefully. The best option, of course, is the. Secondly, you’ll run across hundreds of help pages like this one stating the page needs 25before you can change or create the username.

Keep in mind that you must be an admin to create or change the username for a Page. You may not be able to immediately create a username for a new Page if you’ve recently created several new Pages. A Page ’s username can also be removed because of inactivity. One step at a time First, you have to do this step by step. video creators 5views.

You can change those settings by clicking on Settings and then Page Roles on the left. If you’re an admin and you still don’t see the Continue option, double-check to make sure that someone didn’t try to change the name within the past few days. Now General settings will appear.

Then click on the Edit option for name. Here you will find username option. Set username or change username. Click on arrow at the right top corner.

On the next page , on the row that reads Username and displays your current. Now a popup window will appear with multiple options. You have the First Name, Middle Name, and the Last Name box.

If your page new, its may need few like (maybe atleast like). Every page owner need to follow username creating guideline. If your user name not follow the guideline, you are unable to create user name. From the General tab, select Contact.

Select Add Another Email Or Mobile Number. Type the new address and click Add. If You are not having Page role that allows you to change your Page ’s name. While viewing your page as an admin, click on the About tab in the upper left side of the page, then click Edit. That’s right next to your page’s current name.

Once you’ve clicked into the Account Name box, type in your page’s new name.