How to change facebook page name without notification

From your News Fee click Pages in the left menu. Go to your Page and click Page Settings in the bottom left. Click Page Info in the left column. Enter a new Page name and click outside page name box.

How to change facebook page name without notification

Review your request and click. How do I Change my Name on my page? Typically , you’ll find this on the lefthand side of your page. Then, you’ll be able to edit the name of your page.

Enter your new information , and then save it. After choosing your photo and cropping it, you will see an option like stop notifications at your right side which has nothing to do with. What kinds of activity you get notified about. To get a notification each time your Page receives a message.

To turn off all notifications. After login click on drop down Settings menu from the top right bar and under Your Pages click on the page that you want to rename. Now click on About option available on the left under the page tab. Now General settings will appear. Then click on the Edit option for name.

To change your business Page name, click inside the Name text box, delete the existing name, and retype the new name. The new name will appear as the title of your Page but won’t change your vanity URL (username). Sometimes, when you change the Page category, the input fields change. Depending on the privacy settings of the account, friends can share memories on the memorialized timeline.

How to change facebook page name without notification

When the pop-up menu appears, click “Hide this notification. Now a popup window will appear with multiple options. Posting Ability: This section has two check boxes: Everyone Can Post to the Page’s Timeline and Everyone Can Add Photos and Videos to the Page’s Timeline.

Then you need to make some changes. But there are certain things that you might be afraid or wish to share and want to update them secretly. Under General look for Name , click Edit and enter your new name. Then in the profile, you will see About tab. Now from the left-hand column select Family and Relationships option.

In the left-hand column, click the More link that’s located directly underneath the Comments link. An ideally, their comments will be engaging for you. Now select ‘Featured from the side menu.

Select ‘Update Info’. OR you can simply click on About (refer to the image above). This menu is where you toggle your personal and Page Profiles.

There’s one more little view that you need to understand. First go to the About section on your timeline and scroll down to the Relationship section. Hit Edit on the upper right corner and change your privacy settings to Only Me. Note that the notification vanishes when you reload or navigate away. Turning on the Get Notifications feature for a page is easy.

Step Tap your name. This opens your profile. It’s near the top of the screen.