How much duty free alcohol can you take into bali

How much alcohol can you bring into Bali? What is allowance into Bali? Can I take alcohol on a plane? L bottle you can normally get away with this as well. DUTY FREE ALLOWANCE The duty free alcohol allowance into Bali is litre of alcohol per Adult.

Further alcohol outside of this allowance may be confiscated by Customs.

We usually pre purchase our return duty free at Perth Airport, and when off the plane head straight to the collection counter at the duty free shop, then down to immigration and customs. Please bring your liter of champagne per person in your checked luggage. You could bring a liter of wine, vodka or whiskey or whatever you drink.

Save Hi REYNA2 Each adult is allowed litre of alcohol duty free into Bali. Assuming your bottles of wine are 7ml each, you are already over the limit allowed by 5ml. No problems with your wine if there are two of you travelling together. The 1l that you can bring into Bali does not get taxed.

It is cheaper to buy the duty free spirits in Australia than in Bali.

JR Duty Free currently has a promotion on where you can buy and get another half price. My wife got litres of Bacardi last week for $ 46. In Bali, Bintang (meaning ‘star’) is synonymous with beer. This popular lager has 4. It is litre per person allowance into Bali. But they can confiscate or ask for money if they find extra.

Hubby always goes for the Scotch. The responses are discussing taking more then the duty free allowance of litre. If you take more than that you risk being bribe fined or having goods confiscated. You are legally bound to declare any amount over allowance just as you are for tobacco, currency, electrical goods etc.

On return you may bring back litres. Indonesia duty free Overview. L of alcoholic beverages.

The OP wont have any problems at all getting brand name spirits in Bali , which for me, coming from AUS, actually works out cheaper than buying duty free here. The cheapest on arrival duty free shop I have found in SE Asia, is actually at Kota Kinabalu airport, where I bought a bottle of scotch, I think Ballantines, AU$for a 1l bottle. Alcohol as a Carry-On. Buy it in duty – free at your departure airport and carry it through immigration and customs at Dubai.

The Australian government stipulates that passengers on incoming flights are not allowed to board an.

I know the limit is 1L per person and they don’t distinguish between spirits and wine but can we take 1×1. Does anyone know about the duty free alcohol rules when coming in to Bali. OR 1cigarillos OR cigars OR 2grams ( ounces) of tobacco. Depending on where you buy alcohol in Bali it can range from Rp270to Rp850that’s about AU$to AU$1per bottle.

You are allowed 1litre per adult regardless of which luggage it is in, if you brought it from home or duty free. They may just take it off you. If you are honest they more than likely will just wave you through. Hi I litre per person, regardless of duty free or not.

Anything over that amount MUST be declared and duty will be payable. There are some bubblys available for purchase in Bali. Here is our quick guide to what your entitlements are, and is based on your stay being covered by a Tourist Visa only.

All arriving travellers and tourists are permitted a duty free allowance, but amounts are modest, and apply to persons of years of age and older. You can find duty free shops in airports, on cruise ships and near international borders. Items you purchase in duty free shops have been priced to exclude customs duty and taxes in that particular country because you are buying those items and taking them home with you.