Hospital intranet examples

Tricia Scott, Global Intranet Manager, Travelex. The power of possibility. As these diverse intranet design examples show, the potential and flexibility of design is, in theory, unlimited.

Hospital intranet examples

Document management is the feature that lets you create, store, collaborate and share documents across your organization. Examples of How Different Industries Use Intranet. You may be saying to yourself, “a corporate intranet sounds great, but how will it fit into my company’s day-to-day activities? It can be difficult to visualize exactly how an intranet will play its part in enhancing your company’s culture.

What is a hospital intranet? While all hospital intranets share these broad goals, no two are alike. To launch a successful intranet , you must choose a partner who has the capabilities to fit your unique needs. Forums are a great place for employees to collaborate.

Whether it’s to share insights and updates or to discuss issues surrounding different projects, having the conversations stored within your intranet and being able to access them from anywhere, even remotely, is a great asset for an organization to. LumApps’ Social Intranet is a corporate platform that facilitates both top-down communication and peer-to-peer discussions. If you have a highly effective intranet example that you would like to share with us, please comment below or e-mail.

Healthcare intranet example : Gold Cost Hospital. Gold Coast utilizes their healthcare intranet for posting hospital newsletters, upcoming events, new policies, and employee information. This is what the Portsmouth Hospital University intranet could look like using the Invotra product. You’ll want to do some research to engage with people who represent these different personas to understand their information requirements.

Dynacare’s ‘ Who Does What’ page helped employees understand the business structure and offered details related to cross-functional departments. Every department can make use of intranet pages to truly make their content stand out. Take this Media Centre for example , owned by the Press Team, to share the latest news using the News Tile Widget, Media Documents and links to key resources using Boxes.

For example , adhering to all OSHA regulations is an expectation. This is not a goal, as falling short is simply not an option. It’s essential to be clear as to what’s a goal and what’s an expectation, as confusing the two can have a long reaching negative impact on the hospital as a whole. Extranets are usually based on intranets and add features for guests to access. Tip 4: Intranet Name Clarity.

Hospital intranet examples

When choosing a name for your intranet , an important element to consider is to avoid using bizarre names. Also, be sure not to make the name for your intranet too “techy. Communifire intranet software for healthcare companies. Modern healthcare is about more than just modern medicine.

Streamline communication and collaboration across your healthcare organization with a digital hub built to quickly connect your people to the information they need. Some examples are: Passport (Trip Advisor) Switchboard (Fossil) Cube (Singapore company) Spot (OCA) Sphere (Canam Group) I hope these intranet name ideas have sparked some possible names for your intranet. When naming your intranet , brainstorm different names from each category. An intranet manager is a skilled professional who is responsible for maintaining one of the most important internal communications tools a company has. Useful assets, such as presentation slide decks, can also be include but be sure to keep these update or else it becomes irrelevant.

Hospital intranet examples

In this paper, we describe the first phase of an Intranet project in a multi- hospital system in New York City. To encourage the use of the Intranet among physicians, nurses, managers,. Adopting an intranet name can help build an identity, even give the intranet a personality, removing that ‘edge’ that makes it seem like it’s come from down in the IT department. We provide care to a large group of patients including victims of trauma, oncology and one of the largest solid organ transplant centers in the country.

Sources from the intranet , such as a figure or table about the sales figures or an internal work rule, for example , are not accessible to the public. When you use a source that is not publicly available, mention the source briefly in the text but not in the reference list. When using sources from an (internship-) company like internal memos, internal company data, guidelines, transcripts or other sources from the intranet , the APA Style has specific rules. Manage your Intranet in a way that allows you to limit your employees access to pre-approved sources.

For this inspirational post I compiled a list of the best designed hospital websites built on SharePoint platform from around the world. Here are some examples of hospital quality measures that research evidence and practical experience suggest are appropriate for reporting to consumers. In large intranets, website traffic is often similar to public website traffic and can be better understood by using web metrics software to track overall activity.

An intranet should serve as the centralized communication hub for your staff, physicians, board members and stakeholders.