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We have gone through the paperwork and filing and are in the database of registered agents. We can do the company setup online as well as offline for business owners. The legal restrictions placed on a Hong Kong Limited Company do not stop there.

The Hong Kong Filing includes nominee directorship (to keep private), registered Agent service, Full Service registered office (with mail forwarding and call answering service), secretary and tax audit service. If you require a lesser package, just contact us through the tab on the right hand of the screen.

Fill out my Wufoo form! See full list on wsd. The quality of drinking water supplied by the WSD fully complies with the Hong Kong Drinking Water Standards.

Nevertheless, the owners, registered agents and management offices must consistently maintain the fresh water plumbing systems of a building at a high standard to ensure good quality of drinking water at consumers’ taps. For precautionary purposes, the registered agents and management offices should clean the sump tanks and roof tanks regularly according to the Routine Cleansing Procedure for Fresh Water Tank in order to prevent accumulation of dirt or rust etc. The water plumbing system in a building usually includes sump tanks and roof tanks.

Registered agents or management offices should cleanse the fresh water tanks and flushing water tanks once every months and months respectively, or more frequently if necessary. For the steps to cleanse fresh water tanks, please click Guidelines for Cleansing of Fresh Water Tanks.

If the management office suspects or is informed by WSD that there are signs of leakage in the communal pipes of a housing estate as indicated by the master meters of the housing estate, they should conduct investigation to locate the leaks and carry out rectification works as follows: 1. Inspect the exposed parts of the communal pipes for signs of leakage. For housing estates with underground communal pipes, carry out step tests to identify the sections of underground pipes with leakage. For each section of underground pipes identified with leakage, engage leak detection specialists to find out the exact location of the leak spots. Repair the identified leak spots of the pipes, or replace aged pipes with serious leakage that are beyond repair.

If necessary, consult the Water Supplies Department (WSD) for technical advice on step tests and engagement of leak detection specialists. The following Reference List of Local Service Providers which have provided Leak Detection Se. You can check our licenses yourself at official CR site. The Travel Agents Registry is responsible for the administration of the Travel Agents Ordinance (TAO) (Chapter 218).

We aim to raise the standard of the trade through regulation of the agents. We strive to protect the interest of outbound travellers and inbound visitors, and enhance the reputation of Hong Kong as a tourist-friendly city. Welcome to Hong Kong Companies Directory, In order to help you get a better understanding of the potential customer or competitor information, and to avoid the risk of operators to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. We provide information on all types of companies that are in operation or have been cancelled in the Hongkong area.

In most countries, corporations are required to seek out international registered agent services to appoint a registered agent and registered office to receive and respond to local legal documents (service of process, writs, summonses), tax information and compliance communications. Public register of licensed persons and registered institutions. This register lists all licensees (ie, both licensed individuals and licensed corporations) and registered institutions.

So if you are looking for the right venture for business expansion in Asia, or you’re simply looking for lower taxes on your international business, Hong Kong company registration might be the most viable solution.

We prefer the term ‘domestic worker’ and use this around the office. Registered Agent Anyone above years old can register a company in Hong Kong. But as a start-up business trying to change the whole agency system, we need to use language that speaks to the biggest audience. And the truth is, ‘domestic helper’ is used a lot more than ‘domestic worker’ in Hong Kong.

As this language changes, so will our website. Leverage Harneys’ four decades of corporate service experience by taking advantage of value added solutions that ensure your goals are met. We specialise in the incorporation of companies in the world’s most business-friendly jurisdictions, including the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Cyprus, Anguilla and Hong Kong. In Hong Kong , there is no regulation on the profession of patent attorneys or agents. The main reason is because Hong Kong does not have a standard patent (years) original grant system.

PDF format) Trade Marks Forms and Fees.