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Airports Fiji Limited owns and operates airports in the Fiji Islands, including Nadi Airport – our main international gateway. What is the closest airport to Fiji? Where is the hub of Fiji airport?

Why is Nadi the main airport in Fiji? Before departing Fiji , you may not need to declare your personal effects except: 1.

FJ$0in foreign currency equivalent and FJ$5(any excess currency beyond the approved amount needs approval from the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Fiji ) 2. Fiji and which may exceed your arrival passenger allowance 3. Fijian currency or Foreign currency equivalent (includes negotiable bearer instruments), you will be required to fill in a Border Cash Reporting Form. Please refer to Customs Officer at the point of departure. See full list on frcs.

When goods are purchased in Fiji , a Tourist is required to pay VAT on the purchase which may be refunded at the time of departure if the retailer is registered under TVRS. For more information on the Scheme and its conditions,click here. Fiji has to obtain Tax clearance from Revenue Collection Division of FRCS.

Certain goods like drugs, birds, Fijian artifacts etc. You will be required to fulfill certain requirements to enable you to export such. It is recommended that you visit the Agricultural Quarantine department should you intend to export or carry on hand the following classes of goods: 1. The exportation of firearms is restricted and a police permit to export is required. Please declare to Customs officer or security officer on departure any firearms and weapons for safekeeping and later collection. There are restrictions on currency being taken out of Fiji by passengers under the Exchange Control Act and the Financial Transactions Act.

You are to contact the Customs Officer at the point of departure. Reserve Bank of Fijiapproval would be required for carrying currency in excess of FJ$0equivalent in foreign currency and FJ$5cash. Should excess currency be found in your possession, you would be liable for prosecution and the seizure or forfeiture of the currency to the Government of Fiji. Nadi Airport has a transit lounge that caters for travelers cris-crossing the South Pacific ocean and can satisfy travelers within two hours for flight connection or more. There are several domestic airports throughout the country of Fiji.

Nadi International Airport is the main international gateway and Nausori near Suva, is also used as an international airport in Fiji. Nadi was selected as the major airport for Fiji mainly due to its location on the drier west coast of Viti Levu. The Fiji Revenue and Customs Service (FRCS) has taken another step towards strengthening security at the borders with the launch of the Container Control Programme (CCP) in Fiji today at the FRCS Complex in Nasese , Suva. The United Nations Office on Drug and Crime (UNODC) and World Customs Organization (WCO) Container Control Programme (CCP) will.

Help with customs formalities when you depart from Fiji. Our in-house experienced customs brokers are very reliant and easy to deal with.

The main office is located at Nadi Airport and also branches located in Lautoka and Suva. The Nadi office provides Air Freight Service and is situated at ATS Cargo Building. The Suva and Lautoka branches provide Sea Freight services.

Answer of 7: I am travelling to Tonga in July and have a stop over in Nadi Fiji and I have been reading a lot of negative reviews regarding the security and customs check of bringing in liquids, aresols and gels in that you have to have them in ziplock bags or. The form is a narrow double-sided card. Check-in was not a challenge at all. Going through customs and immigration, leaving the airport briefly, then going back through security pre-gate were no problem.

Provided your flight from LAX is on time, you will have plenty of time to clear customs , recheck bags and make your connecting flight. Very few flights arrive Nadi that early in the morning. Passenger Arrival Cards must also be completed in English. We have deplaned and cleared customs in about minutes of landing in Nadi.

Leaving us plenty of time making our connecting flights to the outer islands. Goods are held at Air Terminal Services at the airport under customs control. Uncleared goods are removed to the customs bond after one month and subsequently auctioned.

Holidaying, transiting or taking a business trip to Fiji ? Nadi Airport , pronounced “Nan-di”, is on the island of Viti Levu and is a main travel hub for the South Pacific.