Fig tree varieties

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The Ficus genus of plants includes more than 8woody species found mostly in tropical zones, with a few extending into warmer temperate regions.

The figs include many broadleaf evergreen and deciduous trees, as well as shrubs and lianas. Conadria produces large green, thin-skinned figs that ripen to light greenish yellow and droop when ripe. Desert King Fig, King Fig , Charlie Fig , White King Fig. These big beauties can grow to feet tall, but can also be pruned to a more manageable size – around feet tall is most desirable.

Very sweet and tender. Eat them fresh, or use them in preserves, jellies, desserts, and salads. A large to very large fig with very good flavor.

Plant several selections of figs to enjoy a range of flavors for months.

A medium, very sweet, lemon yellow fig. Good tree for growing in a pot. Petite Negri A good flavourfull medium to large black fig. Petrelli A very sweet white fig with very large brebas. A member of the common category of figs, the celeste is a cold-hardy fig tree that often is found in the.

Grown inland or along coastal areas of California, Chile and Italy, the Kadota fig tree is low maintenance and. Considered a high-quality fig tree ,. Most of the popular practices link the Ficus tree back to one of its native lands, Asia. Species of Ficus, such as the sacred fig trees of Pipal, Bodhi, Ficus religiosa, and the banyan fig have long been considered as holy trees.

Fig trees need to be watered on a regular basis to be healthy and produce abundant crops. Black Jack’: With its purple-skinne sweet pink-fleshed fruits, this variety is similar to mission figs and thrives in California climates. Celeste – Celeste figs, also called Sugar, Conant and Celestial figs, also have small to medium fruit. Brown Turkey – Brown Turkey is a. This is a fig that requires a pollinator.

Another tree , the Caprifig, with inedible fruit, is planted to obtain the pollen. The Caprifig fruit is hung nearby so fig wasps can transfer the pollen to the Calimyrna fig. Violette de Bordeaux Fig -WHERE TO BUY THIS VARIETY- Small to medium size purple-black fruit with a very deep red strawberry pulp and distinctive, sweet, rich flavor.

Brebas are pear-shaped with a thick, tapering neck, main crop figs are variable, often without neck. They can grow very healthy and strong in the ground or in containers, making them the perfect project for all types of gardeners. You can reach me at 732. Fig Trees are among the easiest fruit trees to grow. Tree s and shrubs shipped fast directly to your door.

Choose from fast-growing, flowering, fruit and nut, privacy hedges, and more Fall options. Satterthwaite fig , and the red leafed figs. These trees grow up to the height of feet to feet in length, in their native areas. The Ficus carica is normally known by its common name, which is the common fig.

Fiddle Leaf Fig is a great pick when it comes to choosing a perfect indoor plant for your living room or office. Native to East Africa, it features large light green leaves with a slender, waxy, and dark foliage. Most of them are adapted to a wide range of climates and soil types.

There are over 7varieties of Fig trees. A mature tree can encounter much colder atmospheres, but a small tree is sensitive to freeze. Therefore, it needs special care until all the hazards of cold past. See Table for a list of suitable fig varieties for South Carolina. Fig trees are easy to propagate and a home planting can be started at very little expense.

Fig tree varieties include BLACK GENOA A fast growing heavy cropping tree that produces large sweet purple skinned fruit. WHITE GENOA Grows well in cooler areas, yellow green skin and a softer taste than many figs. BROWN TURKEY Useful as it crops over a long period commencing early. Condit’s “Fig Varieties: A Monograph” in Hilgardia, A Journal of Agricultural Science published by the California Agricultural Experiment Station identifies caprifig, 1Smyrna, San Pedro, and 4common fig varieties for a total of 7varieties.

Popular Varieties : The most popular fig varieties of the common fig , Ficus carica, include brown turkey, desert king, kadota, and celeste (aka honey fig or sugar fig ). Height: Mature tree height varies greatly depending on the cultivar and its environment.