Do you need a visa for bali

Do you need a visa for Bali? Bali Visa on Arrival: Do You Need a Visa for Bali ? Is visa required to visit Bali? Do I need an Indonesian visa to enter Bali?

How long can you stay in bali indonesia?

How do I get a travel visa for Indonesia? Key Facts for Bali and Indonesia. Passport must always be valid at least months (for social visa months) from day of arrival. Yes, you need a visa.

But the USA is on the list of countries that may apply for a visa on arrival (VOA). So, you can fly to Bali and join the queue at the airport at the VOA counter. Queue plus visa process goes quick (min), so no.

You only need to have a passport valid still six months after your arrival date in. Limited Stay Visas are for travelers planning to stay on Bali for an extended period of time. Unless you are a foreign national from a few select countries, you will need an Indonesian visa to enter Bali.

You don’t need to prepare any documentation. If your intention is to travel the region for between and days, Australians qualify for a visa on arrival arrangement which can be purchased at Bali airport for $AUD. There is another holiday visa in Bali, which you can get for six months. It is the Social Visa.

This Visa allows you to enter into Bali without the need of applying for a Visa on arrival. The social visa for Bali is a single-entry visa. All other Citizens from countries that are not mentioned on the free visa list, will have to apply for a tourist Visa BEFORE coming to Bali or other cities to Indonesia. They need to apply for a visa in one of the consulates or embassies in their home country or somewhere else outside Indonesia.

Once you enter Bali this visa CAN NOT be extended. If later you decide to stay longer you will need to leave the country and reenter. Visa Exemption for Australians coming to Bali, Indonesia If you stay less than days and have an Australian Passport then you do NOT NEED any Visa. At the immigration counter Australians will get what we call an Visa Exemption Stamp.

If you’re travelling to Indonesia and intend to stay for more than days (up to a maximum of days), you should apply for a visa before you travel, or apply for a visa on arrival at a cost of.

If you overstay your VOA you will be charged up to $per day you overstay. Leave Indonesia and come back in within the days. There are no limit to do extension for VoA for now. So you have to do extension for VoA every month until the Covid-situation is declared clear by government. You can do visa extension for Visa on Arrival at immigration offices.

For most nationalities this can be arranged upon arrival at Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar. The only country in the Americas that need visa in order to enter Bali , Indonesia is Colombia. You can apply for a day visa at an Indonesian Embassy in your own country prior to visiting Indonesia. Alternatively you could also pay the USDVOA and you can extend your days for an additional days. Yes getting that day visa in the UK will be more expensive.

Picture: iStock Source:istock Speaking to the ABC, Aussie expat Leah Seymour is one of the thousands of. Visa Exemption for Hong Kong tourists coming to Bali , Indonesia If you stay less than days then you do NOT NEED any Visa if you have an Indian passport. If you plan to travel to other areas in Indonesia or venture out for a longer period into the more remote areas of Bali , then a more careful approach is recommended.

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