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A Law Firm practicing Commercial Leasing law. Helping You Draft Your Commercial Lease. Commercial leases are designed to clearly establish each party’s rights and responsibilities.

Commercial Lease Lawyer Finding the right property is crucial for the success of your business whether you own a diner, a store, or are just looking for office space. However, whether a property or location works for your business relies to a large extent on the lease agreement.

Womack is a trained litigator, but he understands the symbiotic relationship and the mutual losses when commercial lease disputes cannot be patched up. Houston lawyer Mark T. We aim to resolve conflicts between commercial landlords and commercial tenants peaceably and cost-effectively, while always preparing for court. Greenway Plz Ste 110. Landlord Tenant, Business, Construction and Real Estate. View Lawyer Profile Email Lawyer.

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Let us save you time and money by using our skills to ensure you receive the lease you want and not just the first lease offered to you. Oftentimes, the parties do not contact attorneys until it is too late and only use standard commercial lease contracts. TEXAS TENANT AND LANDLORD ATTORNEY IF YOU ARE A TENANT, LOOK NO FARTHER!

De La O Law Firm represents tenants and landlords in evictions, eviction appeals, security deposit disputes, property repair disputes, retaliation matters, and all matters related to any tenant-landlord dispute. Tell the lawyer how long the lease is or, if the lawyer will be drafting the lease from scratch, give him or her some details about the transaction to help the lawyer give you a price. Ask for a fixed price, not an estimate. If the other party has breached the lease agreement or you are being sued for breaching it, an attorney with significant knowledge of the topic can be of great assistance.

Owners of retail properties can include developers, investors, real estate investment trusts, grantor trusts, and business owners small and large.

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There are many legal issues involved in leasing Commercial property in Texas. Get Access to Legal Consultation with a Team of Lawyer s for only $24. The lease is a critical consideration for businesses of all sizes in all industries. Plan That Best Fits Your Needs. Securing a good lease requires working with the landlord or broker in order to develop a lease upon which both parties can agree.

An attorney will be instrumental in drafting, negotiating and finalizing favorable lease. Commercial real estate matters, from negotiating an initial commercial lease to litigating business disputes related to the lease or other issues. Personal injury claims, if a property is not kept safe and in proper repair and someone is injured as a result.

If you are buying or renting real estate for your business, you may benefit from the services of a commercial real estate attorney. Texas commercial real estate attorneys. Every commercial lease situation demands a skillful review with an experienced commercial real estate attorney. You may contact the above-referenced attorneys to discuss your matter further and best determine how to proceed with any potential commercial lease problems you may currently be experiencing. Unfortunately, many commercial tenants sign a lease without understanding all of the terms they agreed to because they neglect to review the commercial lease with an experienced real estate lawyer.

Make sure that you or your lawyer tailor any commercial lease specifically to the space in question and the terms and conditions agreed upon between. Thus, it is important that you carefully review a commercial lease before entering into an agreement of any length. A written lease or rental agreement is a binding contract between you and your landlord.