Civil war patent medicine

What is patent medicine? Alden’s Catarrh Cure to be placed on all packaged medications. When the Civil War began, Clara Barton was working at the patents office in Washington.

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I have been writing historical pieces for magazines and newspapers for about years. Two-thirds of the soldiers who died during the Civil War perished due to disease, not battle wounds. All of these diseases needed treatment or cures, and producers of patent medicines stepped in to provide solutions.

The Civil War meant a boom in business for doctors and quacks alike. Here is a look at another wartime almanac in my collection. Though marketed as a remedy for everyone, it was also specifically advertised for children, and claimed to cure several dangerous afflictions such as whooping cough , tuberculosis , and influenza, as well as asthma and general colds and coughs. Generally, Civil War doctors underwent two years of medical school, though some pursued more education.

Medicine in the United States was woefully behind Europe. This archive serves as a valuable tool for researchers and students of the Civil War.

The papers contain unique content which is simply not available anywhere else. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, “ patent medicine ” became very popular for a variety of aches, ailments, and diseases. Often sold by traveling salespeople in what became known as “ medicine shows,” these many decoctions were often sold with colorful names and even more colorful claims. The nature of the war and the weapons used caused amputations at a rapid rate and left many missing crucial limbs.

As it so often does, necessity made way for invention, and 1patents for prosthetic limbs were filed following the end of the war. Visitors are encouraged to browsing our full inventory while those limited by time or specific interest may utilize our word search to locate specific items or categories. Nurses, surgeons, and physicians rose to the challenge of healing a nation and advanced medicine into the modern age. Walt Whitman remarked on the plethora of hospitals around Washington D. Prior to the war , humoral theory —where an imbalance between the body’s “humours” caused illness—still.

When Johnny Doesn’t Come Marching Home. During the Civil War , the building was turned into military barracks, hospital, and morgue. As the Civil War drew to a close, Clara Barton was not ready to end her war work.

A week later, soldiers of the 6th Massachusetts Infantry were attacked by. An encyclopedic medical treatise based on case histories, the History is a systematic, statistical compilation of the types of injuries and diseases a military surgeon could. There were a number of medications that were frequently used in the treatment of Civil War soldiers. These medications were used to treat disease, infection, and pain. This was a mixture of ipecac and opium.

People started collecting Civil War artifacts, including medical artifacts, even before the battles had ended.

There are contract surgeons (irregulars) and Union surgeons in the Army (regulars), either of which could have served in the Civil War. During this same time period the phenomenon of “patent medicines” took the country by storm. A spate of proprietary “cures” promising to treat a broad range of maladies was sold by just about anyone who was interested in developing his own concoction. Schroeder-Lein, Glenna R. Each side entered the war with puny squads of physicians trained by textbook, if at all.

Four years later, legions of field-tested doctors, well-versed in anatomy, anesthesia and surgical practice, were poised to make great medical leaps. Request Copies of Records You can order online or use NATF Form for military service records and NATF Form for pension records. Teach using Civil War Documents Use our online tool, DocsTeach, for teaching with primary source documents from the National.