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The ATA iOpener PTX-is a replacement transmitter to suit all ATA iOpener and other ATA branded products working on the TrioCode Frequency. With buttons, allowing for multiple openers and a light weight, slim design, the ATA iOpener PTX-is ideal for use in the home or office garage. These include Securalift GDO-2Vto GDO-2v Easyroller GDO-4vto GDO-4v Slim-Drive GDO-6vto GDO-6vand EasyRoller II GDO-8vto GDO-8v2.

It is not compatible with PTXremotes. Since our inception over years ago, our world class engineering team have designed and released innovative access control technologies that have been adopted throughout the globe including Europe, Asia and South Africa. Automatic Technology ( ATA ) is an Australian owned world leader in remote access systems for garage doors and gates. This ensures that with such odds only your Garage Door Remotes will ever open your gate or door, and that once a code is used it cannot be reused by “code grabbing” devices for unauthorised entry. Simple coding instructions on how to program your PTXremote into your garage doo.

Check out our range of Garage Door Remotes products at your local Bunnings Warehouse. Visit us today for the widest range of Garages products. Press and hold the blue Door Code button on the opener or SWor SWon the receiver board. Release and pause for two seconds. MANUAL CODING OF REMOTES.

Press the same button again for two seconds. Press and HOLDtheDoor Codebutton on CONTROL PANELof the opener or SW1on the receiver. LOCATED ON THE REAR OF THE MOTOR OR UNDER THE LIGHT COVER. Every time you use the remote , SecuraCode generates a new and random code from more than 4. To know more about the PTX-remote and programming, feel free to download the instructions, watch the video or contact us. They are compatible with the same products as our existing PTX-5vremote and are ideal as a replacement remote or upgrade.

The ATA SecuraCode PTXremote control transmitters suits all SecuraCode motors. ATA TXSecuracode Green Button Garage Door Remote These garage door remotes are obsolete and there are none that are cross compatible. To get a bit more life out of your motor without the huge expense of having a Technician come out to upgrade the receiver, we suggest this easy DIY solution. Find BD Easylifter Keyring Transmitter at Bunnings Warehouse.

Push and release any button on your remote two times. ATA PTXvSecuracode Remote. Tip: the SWbutton is usually red or black. If you want to code to receiver using a compatible PT-X Remote, just follow same steps as above.

Coding via remote – using original and compatible remote. Stand within 1-metres of your garage door or gate motor. Please Note: These remotes are NOT compatible with PTX-(433Mhz) with blue case.

Please ensure that your original remote is pictured and your motor model number is listed to ensure compatibility. Before purchasing, please ensure that your motors model number is seen below. Programming a new remote to a gate via original remote 1. Roller Door Motors-GDO-4vEasyRoller GDO-4vEasyRoller GDO-4v5. Immediately after door begins to move, insert a pin into the center coding hole of the original remote located in the center of the four buttons. Take any coded remote.

Then using a small needle or paper clip press on the Coding Bump in the middle of the remote firmly for two seconds – LED lights. Suits: GDO- GDO-6v GDO-6v GDO-7v GDO-7v GDO-8vASM, GDO- GDO-9v2S GDO-9v GDO-9v GDO-9v GDO-10v GDO-11v GDO-11v3. Easily programmed with instructions included.

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