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How can I become a registered agent? What is registered agent? Agents need to register for online access before they can use our online services. You will need to to your online account before you begin.

If your registration is cancelle we will immediately cease your access to our registered agent online services. The individual must be over years of age and must reside in Australia. Start an application Resume an application Lodge a licence application online.

Often, they will be a Tax Agent or Solicitor. ASIC Compliance Made Easy. Find out how in this handy video. As a registered agent , we handle a large number of companies and we are familiar with the requirements of the Corporations Act.

Meaning that lodging online with CAS 3is the quickest, easiest, safest and secure way for you to prepare, manage and lodge your corporate compliance forms. The application for the license can be submitted online via the eLicensing System created for that purpose. More information coming soon! About BGL Work With Us BGL Blog Contact Us Support.

After appointment, a registered agent must link companies to their agent number by lodging a Form 362. Generally it will form part of the public record. It does not have to be where the organisation conducts its business and it is not unusual for accountants or agents to provide registered office. This form needs to be.

Details of appointment of a local agent. The local agent must be an individual who is resident in Australia or an Australian company. Enter family and given names or, if a company, name of the company and ACN.

Address must be in Australia.

Fast Online Registration. Registered agents : Paper Lodgement: Download. Delivery of ACN and all docs in minutes. It is an important first step on our journey to improve the experience of our regulatory stakeholders.

However, this alone is sufficient, because this registration is always preceded by regulation by one of the international authorities. CAS 3will automatically create and set up all companies that are attached to the registered agent. We also can help you obtain an ABN and TFN for the company. A registered business name in Australia allows an entity to trade as a name other than its legal name.

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ASiC -E with XAdES deals with signature files, while ASiC -E with CAdES deals with time assertions. The files within these ASiC containers apply to their own file object sets. The registered agent is responsible for receiving important documents and information on behalf of the company. When the state issues tax materials for the year, they are sent to the corporation’s registered agent.

If the corporation is sue process can be served on the registered agent. If you want to act as a registered agent for corporations, you can offer your own services or look for employment from a registered agent service company.