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Arouse Emotions, Don’t Sell Logic – How To Sell – Dan Lok – Duration: 4:57. Arousing Your purpose in an arousing presentation is to make people think about a certain problem or situation.

You want to arouse the audience’s emotions and intellect so that they will be receptive to your point of view. Use vivid language in an arousing presentation – project sincerity and enthusiasm. Stick to the facts and avoid complicated. Instructional Your purpose in an instructional presentation is to give specificdirections or orders.

Determine what there is about your subject that will be of particular interest and of value to them. To rouse interest and emotions to make audience receptive. Usually involves a lot of powerful language and enthusiastic discussion.

Often uses stories or real-life examples of the topic to rouse interest.

PowerPoint presentations are not usually known for being engaging or interactive. That’s often because most people treat their slides as if they are notes to read off and not a tool to help empower their message. Your presentation slides are there to help bring to life the story you are telling. According to Forbes, giving a presentation makes of us feel nervous! The good news is that feeling nervous might be a good thing.

This feeling pushes us to prepare ourselves better, and as long as you’re well prepare you’ll do just fine. One of the ways to arouse audience interest in your presentation is to _____. There are always people who don’t seem to be listening. A one-way presentation is one of the worst possible ways of transferring information from person to person. It all starts with arousal.

Com – authorSTREAM Presentation. Is availing the subscription of arounsingdates. The world is moving at a very fast pace and people are often devouring all of their time to match up to the pace of it which in them having no time for themselves. Decision-making: Your purpose in a decision-making presentation is to move your audience totake your suggested action. Master the use of presentation software such as PowerPoint well before your presentation.

Do not over-dazzle your audience with excessive use of animation, sound clips, or gaudy colors which are inappropriate for your topic. Do not torture your audience by putting a lengthy document in tiny print on an overhead and reading it out to them. A 30-second elevator speech quickly demonstrates that you know your business and can communicate it effectively.

Yes, a lot of important facts may be left out, but today everyone is skilled at judging relevancy and making decisions with incomplete data. In fact, seconds can be more powerful. An informational presentation is common request in business and industry. It’s the verbal and visual equivalent of a written report. One effective way to arouse interest at the start of a speech is to A. Information sharing is part of any business or organization.

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Once I figured that out, I realized I had tapped into a powerful trigger that I could have a lot of fun with. If we were out waiting in line somewhere, I would casually run my fingers through her hair and pull it back into a ponytail and give a little tug. So ask a lot of them. Build tension by posing a question and letting your audience stew a moment before moving to the next slide with the answer.

Namely, it’s the depiction of women (in stills or, even better, in videos) gasping, moaning, screaming, and. Get Prezi account access by signing into Prezi here, and start working on or editing your next great presentation.