Apply for a post office box online

How do you purchase a post office box? How to open a post office box? Step 1: Search for Post Office locations near you using the search bar under Reserve a New PO Box. Step 2: Choose a Post Office location and make selections on your desired PO Box size and payment period.

Step 3: Enter your contact and billing information to reserve your PO Box. Online registration is not available for Business Mail Pickup (Caller) Service or Qualifying No-Fee box customers.

Apply at a Post Office:Complete pages and and take this whole form to a Post Office most convenient for you. Select the location you want and check for availability and size options. If you are under years old and want to get a PO box , you would need to visit a local post office and apply in person. As a business customer, you would need to apply for a PO Box like any other customer.

You must be years or older to apply online for a PO Box. However, minors may not apply for a PO Box online. See Applying for a PO Box. Your ID will be verified at the Post Office.

Or you can fill out an application form (pdf, 42KB) and send the completed form with a cheque and proof of ID to: Royal Mail PO Box Team. Rent at a post office. Visit your nearest post office to rent a Postal Box. Choose your rental period and sign the Postal Box rental agreement that details the terms and conditions. Receive keys for your box , and a key for the Postal Box lobby, if applicable.

Begin receiving mail through your Postal Box address and pick it up when you like. Don’t forget to bring the required ID. The Postal Service offers no-fee post office ( PO ) box service to customers who do not receive any form of carrier delivery.

Customers apply for the no-fee PO box service by completing an application and providing identification to a Postal Service employee. What is the minimum age requirement to apply for a PO Box online ? A PO Box (short for post office box ) is a personal mailbox located inside a post office. The box is safe and secure – so you can be sure that no one will steal or tamper with your mail. Many Post Office locations also offer extended business hours and 24-hour access to your mail. Traditionally, you need to go into your local post office to for a PO Box.

With a mailbox at The UPS Store , you get a real street address, not a P. If you’re a business owner, having a real street address as your mailbox can provide you with a professional image for your business. GPOs, each having a common box number. With our mailbox services, you get a lot more than just a PO box with a key.

You get convenience, a secure location for storing your mail and packages, professionalism and other services to help you run your business and life more efficiently. If you want a new mail box , post box or private bag, apply for mail service delivery at your nearest Post Office. The mail service delivery is valid from the 1st of January to the of December of each year and is payable before December.

Note: Application forms received by mail will not be accepted. This can help save some time at the service window when you go to claim your box at the post office. Apply for a refund at the Post Office where the PO Box is located. Have not picked up the PO Box keys. If you are over and have a permanent address in the United Kingdom, you can apply for a variety of Royal Mail post office boxes.

Box or Private Bag is a secure and convenient way to protect the privacy of your mail. Note that you must have a permanent address.