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We put estate plans in reach for everyone. Learn More about what goes into an estate plan and how to choose the best mix for you. What is the will and estate planning process? How to avoid probate with estate planning?

How can a will plan for my estate? The trustee holds the assets in a fiduciary capacity.

Generally speaking, a will is a legal document that coordinates the distribution of your assets after death and can appoint guardians for minor children. A will is important to have, as it allows you to communicate your wishes clearly and precisely. It is advisable to work closely with an attorney to create and update your will. Your will should name an estate executor who will be responsible for allocating your assets as you stated in your will. You should definitely meet with an attorney and get your affairs in order.

Talk to your husband about who you would want to name as guardian in the event that something were to happen to you, and find time to sit down and speak with the. Everything you need to know about estate planning. Create a will, living trust, power of attorney, or living will, and learn how to avoid probate and estate tax or act as an executor.

The estate planning done prior such an unfortunate event will be the major factor in whether or not her wishes are carried out. Also consider a blended family. The father has children from a previous relationship, and he and his wife have children together. Here is a simple list of the most important estate planning issues to consider.

In a will, you state who you want to inherit your property and name a guardian to care for your young children should something happen to you and the other parent. A comprehensive estate plan contains much more than just your last will and testament. It should include a power of attorney, an advanced directive, an if you so choose, trusts for your children, grandchildren, favorite charity, or even a beloved pet.

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We appreciate that planning for all eventualities is not something you undertake lightly.

You can then make the decision that is best for you and your family. Living wills and health care proxies. If you challenge one of these estate planning lawyers on this. Get In Touch Because we are not a law firm, we cannot provide legal advice and any questions regarding legal advice or estate planning must be directed to a qualified attorney.

The phrase estate planning may sound like an exercise for the very rich, but thanks to the complicated nature of the U. Probate is the legal process through which the court decides how an estate will be divided. The court will look to your last will to decide how to distribute your property and will follow the will, unless it is successfully contested by your heirs. Generally, if an estate includes real property, a formal probate action is required. Unfortunately, far too many people don’t know what a complete estate plan includes or how to go. Estate planning helps to protect your family and your assets in any of these unfortunate situations.

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