Where to live in belgium

The Socio-Political Issue of the Languages Dividing. The one question we’re asked more than any other is “I’m moving to Brussels. This is also one of the toughest questions to answer, as it is completely subjective.

While one person may. Being at the crossroads of cultures (the Germanic in the North and the Romance in the South) and playing an important role in Europe, Brussels fits the definition of melting pot, but still retains its.

It is a nice area to live with the villages of Saint denis and Masnuy Saint Jean. Some people prefer to live in Waterloo though, a little south of Brussels, and about minutes drive from Mons , because of the international school. Brussels City lies among the boulevards that envelop “the ring” or the historic and commercial. Most expat families with young children consider Etterbeek the best neighbourhood in Brussels.

If you like the seaside: Oostende is a sad looking city (70inh), Knokke-Heist is a small city where you’ll find everything (and has a direct connection with Antwerp). A Cosmopolitan City with a Small Town Heart. Although it occupies a rather serious and somber position as the seat of the European Union, Brussels is a lively, sophisticated city that is resplendent with international flair and a cosmopolitan outlook.

As a crossroads for Europe, you will find expatriates from all over the world living peacefully side-by-side here and this translates to a fascinating living environment that is culturally rich while retaining the intimacy of a local town.

There are a couple of apartments for rent here. Living here, it would be better if you just get an apartment that you can rent in order to save. Take note that in cities like Brussels, you may see more expensive apartments.

If SHAPE is a potential assignment option for you in the future, we hope this list helps you out. Nicknamed the Northern Venice, Bruges is the capital city of West Flanders. By choosing to live and work in Bruges, you will step back into the past while remaining in a modern and lively environment, just like in most major European cities. Eupen is the seat of the government, the parliament and the administrative centre.

The picturesque village is widely considered one of the most beautiful towns in Wallonia, and its location on the banks of the charming Chiers River, as well as its winding streets and pretty houses topped with Roman tiles make it a romantic destination. The gorgeous palaces, chapels, and mansions of Bruges reflect the history of Vikings while the network of canals, flowing through the city has helped Bruges to earn the title of ‘Venice of the North’. Welcome to LIVE IN BELGIUM ! Surrounded by orchids and vineyards, the houses here are stunning but quite unusual for the area.

Founder Ludwig Verduyn yesterday presented the website to the public for the first time. They are home to wild boar, deer and lynx and hide a number of friendly villages, lots of castles and a few other notable sights. Belgium’s wealthiest people. Your only alternative is to live much nearer to Brussels which is around kms away but you then have a long commute an the nearer you are to Brussels, the (much) higher your rent will be.

Les Marolles is also the best place to stay in Brussels for nightlife, with some of the best clubs, like Fuse and Bazaar.

Best places to stay in Les Marolles. Just take a look at our group of Americans in Brussels or Americans in Antwerp. Living in Brussels, the heart of Europe, but affordable. Buying a house in Brussels is a good and reliable investment.

Countries such as France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Spain and Ireland are all more expensive. If you are a citizen of the European Union, you will immediately be registered on the waiting list. If you come from another country (non-EU), you must be in possession of a temporary residence permit (visa D) or apply for it.

If you are in possession of a residence permit, you will be registered in the foreigners. Home to many of the key EU institutions, including the bloc’s commission an shared with. United States (aggregate data for all cities, rent is not taken into account). The country’s capital city Brussels, which you may see via livestream, is known to be the headquarters of the European Union.

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